Templar Mechanics will appeal to those people with an open mind and an interest in the unexplained, or should I say the unexplainable…..and of course the Templars.

Templar Mechanics is a thought provoking study that examines landscape geometry around Knights Templar sites. Ancient sites are now being recognized more and more through the geometric arrangement of points both natural and man made in the surrounding landscape, leaving an imprint for us to discover in our time.

Landscape geometry embraces the theory that notable points in the landscape hold a collective geometric relationship to other landscape features. The geometric shapes noted are often underpinned by substantial physical structures…churches, castles, forts, towers. Many of these patterns mirror geometric forms that also underpin the building blocks of nature and its growth cycles.

In the past our ancestors were more in tune with their immediate environment and were aware of the energy signatures of the land, giving special significance to local points.


The initial revelation came at Temple Bruer , Lincolnshire , England . A pentacle was discovered in the landscape around the old Knights Templar settlement created by church alignments. Further study then revealed a six pointed seal incorporated in the layout of the current village which was also complimentary to the larger pentacle. This then raised issues regarding the possibility of an organizing intelligence in the unseen influencing manifestations in the physical both past and present. This intelligence expresses itself through mathematics, the language of the universe, and is revealed through sacred geometry. This has been known to initiates involved in esoteric research for millennia…..including John Dee and Francis Dashwood.

Both John Dee and Francis Dashwood turn up at significant points within the Bruer Pentacle…..suggesting they knew of its existence.

Templar Mechanics ultimately is searching for an explanation as to why the physical manifestations both natural and man made seem to be affected by the geometric layout of the site. The six pointed seal of Solomon created on the ground at the Temple Bruer village, again by connecting converging points of local church alignments…..is an enigma in itself. Its perfect interaction with the larger penta just makes one more curious as to what is going on at Bruer and to whom this knowledge was, and possibly still is, known to. The 5 country lanes converging on the church at Temple Bruer mark other church alignments, the winter solstice sunset position and the summer solstice sunrise.


Captivated by the initial discovery I started to investigate other Templar sites and discovered a repeating unit of measure. This was a circular measure- 5.151 miles or 10,000 megalithic yards. The megalithic yard being the controlling measure discovered by Alexander Thom at many ancient sites throughout Europe . Alexander Thom put forward 2.722 feet +/- 0.002 feet 82.96656cm +/- 0.061 for the ancient measure now known as the megalithic yard.

More reading on the megalithic yard in the excellent book : Civilization One by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler….ISBN 1-84293-160-1

Mathematics is the language of the universe, although many in their arrogance believe it to be English. The universe is not chaos,…It is structured and ordered to mathematical principles and systems. Initiates such as Da Vinci, Newton , Einstein and John Dee all had a deep interest in sacred geometry and numerology. They knew there was something encoded in sacred geometry that contained a great secret in relation to the structure of nature and reality itself. Newton spent a lot of time looking for the sacred measure.

Why did John Dee, (astrologer to Elizabeth 1st) leave one templar site at Upton Upon Severn and take on Leadenham parish in Lincolnshire ….which is involved in the Temple Bruer geometry?

There’s also the strange coincidence of a similar extended pentacle with 36 degree arms discovered at another Templar site in France ….the mysterious and enigmatic Rennes le chateau, which has coincidentally many things in common with the Temple Bruer pentacle. Rennes le Chateau also has a 5.151 system….The 5.151 radius is focused on through the many references in the Rennes church to Rlc and Blanchefort.

Rlc and Blanchefort are two points noted by Henry Lincoln in the construction of his pentacle discovered in the Rennes area and involve 3 former Templar sites on local high points.



The Temple Bruer circle diameter of 5.151 miles has been found by TM ( ) encoded in the landscape around other Knights Templar sites, some of which are listed below. These can be viewed off the Knights Templar tab at the top of the page. These articles will be added to as I go along, with links and any new information that comes to light relating to the area study. Some graphics are being prepared others may have new detail added or altered. New sites are being discovered all the time.

Isle of Mull
Temple Bruer
Temple Rockley / Avebury
Temple Cloud / Glastonbury
Temple Ewell
Temple Combe
Temple Sowerby
Temple Hirst
Rennes le Chateau
La Rochelle
Bisham Abbey
Royston Cave / Denny Abbey
Iona and the Isle of Mull

The repeating geometric patterns may suggest knowledge of the areas known to have landscape geometry, was held within the higher echelons of the Templar order. Many of the patterns displayed in the landscape turn up in Templar symbolism.

Also involved are other sacred/ancient sites in Britain and France . By researching locally a Templar presence is usually found nearby. The Templars, it would appear, knew the power of ancient sites…..and searched them out as bases to set up commanderies. Temple Rockley is a good example, located near to Avebury.



William Buehler, a retired US Navy commander, has a very deep knowledge of Earth grid patterns and believes the Templar’s were working with an ancient wisdom known as the Reshel. William noticed many of the grids discovered by Templar Mechanics complimented his own research and discoveries.

Bill’s established 'Rhun Habar' grid for instance focuses the various Lincolnshire sub systems, including Bruer, into Kings Lynn and eventually onto Rennes le Chateau. These grids are thought to be of great importance to the current transition we are in and the overall shift in consciousness many are experiencing. The new line of thinking within the pages of Templar Mechanics is part of and aiding that shift in consciousness. The veil is finally lifting and things are starting to look very different to how we once perceived.

Through my own study correlations with Reshel dynamics have been found around these sites, and are encoded in many of the overall patterns, the best example being Temple Cloud and the Glastonbury system.

With any new research it has to be acknowledged there is still much to understand, discover and integrate into a higher knowing……but in order to climb a staircase you don’t have to see the whole staircase… just the first step…the rest then follows as your awareness moves forward with each step.

Bill’s thoughts on many of the TM grids discovered to date can be read on the TM site along with e mails between the two of us. These can be read in the Knights Templar section under… William Buehler – Reshel grids.

Consciousness grids may be beyond time, and affecting past and present manifestations within them, including man made structures, the change of direction in roads and the natural turns and twists of streams/rivers along with the positioning of ridge lines and high points. This would suggests an overriding controlling ‘intelligence’ or influence that we are currently unaware of due to a detuned, repressed state…mainly through choice, and our inability to consider things outside the box… or what is currently called the ‘norm’ from our current state/level of understanding.

Dowsing has been a great aid to verify the geometry, at many levels, both with rods and pendulum, but this also takes an element of ‘new belief’ to be effective and a connection to something that is unseen.



So, experts of mainstream history, physics, and science……please approach the bench. You are the people we turn to for answers.

Why are these repeating geometric designs found around sacred sites?
Why do they look to be following the same controlling measure?
Why do they seem to be connected to sites previously involved with the Knights Templar?
Are they connected to the functional workings of an earth based energy/consciousness grid?
And if so why do they follow repeating mathematical patterns?

Is an intelligence greater than our own, and beyond our understanding influencing our reality?

The mainstream academic historian has been spoon fed a pre packaged fable as to how, we today, are supposed to interpret our history and everyone else’s.

To quote Albert Einstein : ‘ The only thing that gets in the way of my learning is my education ’

Sometimes looking at something from a different angle can bring in new ideas and possibilities !

To many people subjects such as other dimensions, Earth energy lines, or the possible etheric link between synchronicity and coincidence are taboo and not up for discussion. These subjects are also out of bounds and classed as nonsense by many academics….whose chosen ‘subject’ often comes complete with state imposed boundaries of thought.

To be fair, science is very good at explaining this reality based on a provable view within the limits of the 5 senses……but that’s the problem … Our perceptions within our 3d reality experience is limited through the tools given to us to experience it…… the 5 senses. Our scientific take on reality looks ‘wobbly’ to say the least when we consider we are getting less than 5 % of what’s going on around us via the senses….…95+% WE ARE NOT GETTING.

By holding 5% of the total pieces of a jigsaw puzzle makes it very hard to say what the whole picture is….yet this is what the ‘experts’ are trying to say when they tell us ‘they know’. The fact is we know very little. We are still very much in the dark about the true nature of the universe and what is around us…beyond the limits of our 5 senses. We are too blinkered and shut off from what is truly around us to say we know anything for sure.

Our blinkered state also leaves us wide open to manipulation by any intelligence with a wider perspective looking in….this I think is occurring.

Good news is many evolving souls have outgrown the 3d playpen and want to move into a new reality framework……..this is the transition.

There is thankfully another way to discover the deeper mysteries of the universe beyond the 5% 5 senses… But requires trust in the process. Once the trust is born, the ‘proof’ required/demanded by our ‘in house ego persona’ will be shown to us through our individual experience. This will be all we need to progress further beyond the limited 5% mindset. Learning and integrating that as a ‘knowing’ will become a synchronistic, magical ride…expressed through what comes directly into our experience as verification, so it is essential to be alert and aware of the signs as they come back to you………This is how Templar Mechanics has attained so much knowledge in a relatively short time.

So what is the key to this vast library of knowledge beyond the limitations of the senses?

A deep felt Intuitional knowing, a knowing delivered to your mental inbox from the universe itself of something being so..…This knowing comes to you through asking the taboo questions in the first place

….….Your inquisitive nature makes you follow The White Rabbit Down The Hole.

Is this the true quest of the human being?

Not just to be the aspiring good consumer, content to remain blind deaf and dumb to the 95 % we are ‘not getting.’ But to finally crawl out of our own self created box…our mind prison created by our own self imposed boundaries of thought which have been encouraged through a seductive media hell bent on keeping our minds in a sedated hypnotic state.

A life without mystery is no life at all…..Yet ironically it’s fear of the unknown that’s most people’s greatest fear. We want the experts to work everything out for us and then tell us on the 6 o’ clock news. This is convenient for our consumer led lifestyles and means we don’t have to think too hard…. or question too hard.
Many free thinkers of the past were brave enough to put new thoughts and ideas out there in the ether, knowing they would face ridicule and opposition …….or maybe they weren’t putting any thoughts out there?
Maybe the thought was already out there …and they called it to them by asking the question in the first place?

And so it is with Templar Mechanics.

Templar Mechanics is not watertight in its new theories, as many will take great pleasure in pointing out. There is however a lot of original ‘food for thought’ here. Historical sources for dates, places and events have been used………but that to me isn’t the real history. Maybe the true understanding of ‘history’ will come through investigating the cause of the timing of the event rather than the recording of the event itself.

………the WHY?.... ..The power question……Why did it happen there, Why were these people involved, Why on that particular date.

Templar Mechanics is a journey for the mind, a hearty meal for consciousness that is drowning in a mundane, predictable, consumer mad world. Templar Mechanics is about what might be …it’s a fun thing with deep, stubborn foundations. The enigma of the Temple Bruer pentacle and other sacred site geometry along with the 5.151 measure should be researched and any possible explanation noted….even by the rigid academics and scholars whose livelihoods depend on things remaining just as they are ;-)

MAP ROOM /WARREN HOUSES TAB-shows the graphics for the Temple Bruer pentagram overlaid on the Lincolnshire landscape created by sacred site alignments involving churches, ancient priory’s and medieval settlements. The chances of these alignments happening by accident and creating an extended pentacle are high. Even more so if you also consider the church alignments creating Temple Bruer ’s six pointed seal…… and its relationship to the main pentacle itself.

Enjoy the site and please e-mail the address at the bottom of the page if you want to add anything to Templar Mechanics……I’m open to the thoughts of others.

A book is currently being prepared on the landscape geometry found around Knights Templar sites showing all the systems. Any PUBLISHER interested in taking on the project should contact Tony through the e mail address listed at the bottom of the page.



WHY is it there?

Follow the white rabbit……


‘Wisdom is knowing how little we know’





Dare you wear awearness?



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