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To give a full overview of either of these subjects above would mean drowning the site in the related material, yet these enigmas have to be introduced as they are an integral part of the Temple Bruer 5.151 discovery and possibly an explanation as to why it is there. There are numerous internet articles and sites dedicated to unraveling their mysteries………and all are mentally nutritious and delicious as a light healthy snack for awakening consciousness.

I am therefore going to be brief in my overview and hope the visitor to Templar Mechanics already has some background knowledge on these subjects. If you haven’t, there are some interesting links which might help to explain these immense subjects and give food for thought on the links page.

In general, certain mathematical patterns and values can be seen to be repeating in the natural world and involved in the architecture and layout of many of mans creations. Churches, and other religious buildings/sites in general hold many of the same geometric designs encoded in their construction and decoration that turn up in sacred geometry………the Templar cathedrals in France especially. Some of this I believe is intentional and may be related to the subconscious effects that numerology and sacred geometry has on the viewer.

You could say I believe sacred geometry and numerology to be a silent influencer of our subconscious as well as powerful symbols in their own right as aids for positive or negative manifestation. As the higher initiates of the mystery schools were, and are, fully aware of …… including the higher levels of freemasonry, hence their logo:

Dividers/compass and the square! for geometry.

The big G in the centre of the dividers/compass and square the freemasons tell us is for ‘Goodness’…………I think it stands for geometry. Although someone nearer to freemasonry informed me it means God others think ‘Grand Architect’….seems the G is a mystery to even the freemasons.

The ‘Grand Architect’ interpretation though would certainly be in line with the thoughts of Templar Mechanics of there being an ‘intelligence’ behind this reality……An architect of creation…..which is one of the main beliefs in freemasonry.

The language of the universe is mathematics!.......So is it so crazy to think that through the study of mathematics and in particular sacred geometry, we can have a better understanding of this reality/creation …and with it an insight into the intelligence/architect possibly behind it. Is this why sacred geometry has been held in awe and researched by mystery schools and mathematicians for millennia?


How things look, in their proportions, effect how we will interact with what we are seeing, even if we are unaware of the subtle manipulation at a conscious level. It is all going on in the subconscious. As some TV advertisers are fully aware…especially the more successful ones. Not just how attractive something is, but the mathematical proportions and ratios it has to it, and its surroundings…will affect the observer.

Once you become aware you will see similar geometric designs/symbols and icons all around from corporate logos to children’s TV programs to national flags and state organizations emblems/symbols, council logo’s, school emblems, football team/sports logos…pub signs, names and themes……..the list is endless…………many have links to Masonic and royal symbolism and go back a long way. A good idea is to visit a local printer who has folders on popular themes or images for printing …a good one will have a large enough selection for you to see repeating themes, images and detail.

We are surrounded by the same images/icons and themes that have been around us for thousands of years! All repackaged and handed back as ‘new improved’.

WHY?..... The power question.

The raised cap of the pyramid is everywhere including on the dollar bill…….Washington DC road system is laid out to show a 5 pointed pentacle leading into the White House. Other images can also be discerned in the landscape around Washington DC including an owl.

Rennes le Chateau in France has an extended pentacle very similar to the Temple Bruer example….and both involve church/sacred site alignments, both are interacting with the physical landscape. Another pentacle has been discovered in Norway …and also on the Island of Bornholm …..another Knights Templar site.

The books below come highly recommended:

Genisis First book of Revelations – David Wood.
ISBN 0 85936 180 2 )

and the follow up:

Target Earth. – David Wood & Ian Campbell.

ISBN 1 87333503 2 )

The Genisis book covers the incredible geometric temple that exists in the former Merovingian and then later Templar stronghold of Rennes le Chateau and the surrounding area.


By showing how the landscape geometry is created through its own particular set of church alignments allows the viewer to see how the geometry works on an individual and also a collective level….it interacts. Harmston church, at the top of the pentacle is involved at 3 levels….If it had been placed anywhere else it would have upset the rest of the church geometry for both the six pointed seal and the penta.

This is why I have separated the geometry graphics of the Bruer pentacle from the Bruer seal of Solomon or six pointed star. Other Knights Templar sites in Lincolnshire such as Maltby and Willoughton share the 5.151 mile measure but differ with regard to the geometry within.

There is order to the geometry and appears to be interacting with the churches and the physical landscape. Once agreed that this is not chaotic or random, surely the next step is to investigate the intelligence behind it.

Other UK/European Templar sites may show similar ley/church line sacred site geometry. Henry Lincoln, of Holy Blood ,Holy Grail fame has noted alignments on the Danish island of Bornholm as well as at Rennes le Chateau, and several videos and books can be found on the subject …once again check Amazon.

Hopefully others will explore there own local areas to discover how common this 5.15 circle radius is and how much it involves sacred sites locally, along with how many variations there may be of extended pentacles. Once you find a pentacle you may well have an avalanche of related local sites showing further geometry…. with geometric relationships to it. I found the initial Bruer pentacle and then the Vesica Piscis that surrounds it.


You may find the high points and low points of the land are also being influenced by the geometry, and that there appears a particular point where lines converge. These convergence points often turn out to be vortex or energy hot spots on the energy/ ley grid, one of these exists at the Temple Bruer church. Here 5 physical country lanes converge. A total of 18 local churches can be aligned through the Temple Bruer church point. Temple Bruer church is Victorian, and dedicated to John the Baptist. No one knows what structure may have been present at the site in Templar times,…maybe the site was marked by a cross.


The convergence of lanes and alignments with 18 other churches with differing dates of construction would suggest something is ongoing, and that these grids work and influence the manifestations in the physical across time.

The Temple Bruer pentacle follows the line of the heath ridge south of Lincoln . Entering and exiting the pentacle at key points as does the the A607. Harmston church at the top of the pentacle is a natural high point and the drop of the heath at Wellingore marks the south/crotch point of the main pentacle body.

The landscape and the geometry are one. High points - peaks and low points - sink holes /plugs …all play there part in the lay of the land and how it runs with the grid dynamics.



Many of the great artist such as Poussin and Teniers encoded the local geometry in their paintings of the landscape around the Rennes le Chateau area of the Languedoc in southern France . Other pentacles have been found in the Shepherds of Arcadia set that is so infamously attached to the Rennes area. Possibly many of the secret society/mystery school initiates knew the value of the information contained in sacred geometry and tried to relay the message through their chosen gift/talent to others, at a time when it was dangerous to do so. John Dee the Occultist, mathematician and astrologer to Elizabeth I, may very well have been aware of the hidden knowledge encoded in the Lincolnshire landscape and could have been the reason for him taking over the church at Leadenham….which is involved in the geometry on a major pentacle line.


The Templar's choice for the siting of their commanderies suggest they were aware, or had knowledge of an earth energy grid within the order, even if only at the higher levels. They knew the places in which to take control and set up their preceptories / headquarters. This is why ley/energy line convergence points are found near Templar settlements and also landscape geometry. It’s also possible the Templars may have had esoteric knowledge of how to manipulate the Earth energy grid for their own ends whether positive or negative at the vortex sites which they searched out to claim as their own.

Maybe the treasure from the Templar excavations under the stables of Solomon was the evidence of there being an Earth ‘energy grid’ and how to manipulate the grid for their own ends. What greater treasure for an order seeking power and influence than that?……there is no material treasure to match it!

Why has this never been noted in standard historical texts?

Maybe because no one was looking for it because they weren’t allowed to, or the idea was beyond the boundaries of thought within academic circles. The obvious reason would be to hide the knowledge from the masses.

I think all these points apply…..If we are not open to the possibility of there being something to find how will we ever find it?


The sites for the churches involved in the geometry of Temple Bruer could have been overseen by some intelligence other than man….I will refer to it as the ‘ARCHITECT’. Consciousness/energy grids could be based around mathematical codes and patterns and that places where we gather/congregate are connected into by design that energy/consciousness grid. This suggests that we may be powering something through it….or contributing something to it in keeping with a larger grand design.

Let’s first look at what goes on in a church. From an emotional energy perspective it’s a tasty feast!.....deaths, marriages, christenings…all very emotional….lots of emotional outpouring.

Energy interaction between people is very real, some people energize us/lift us, some people drain us...making us feel worse than before we met them. Energy transfer between individuals does occur…and can be felt, if you are AWARE enough to notice. A blazing row with a partner can leave a person feeling utterly exhausted...drained of not their physical energy, but their emotional energy. In the 3d matrix all is vibrating energy, including us…It’s the power currency of the program….the more energy you have the more you can do with it.

So if energy can be felt to move between people could it also be collected by an unseen intelligence/force, outside of our blinkered and seriously limited 5 senses?

Could this same intelligence be looking in at specific sites with geometric landscape patterns? Could these grids in some way facilitate the collection process. Could the nodes or places of major emotional deposits be called ‘churches.’

If this theory holds any water we should also see the places below aligning with the grids, as these offer high emotional states to tap into.

Pubs (large emotional swings), Schools ( lively emotional energy), Hospitals (pain suffering),sports stadiums( agony / ecstasy, winning / losing…mirrored by both teams and their supporters)

……the weird thing is they do.



Many historical events repeat in theme with associative symbolism and detail right up to the present day. It’s incredible when you research it. We are surrounded by icons and symbolism that can be traced right back to the Egyptian civilization and before that Iraq and the Sumer empire.

Why?....Because the ARCHITECT is behind all of them?... and they have a common source?

Semiramis (goddess worship) of Sumer developed into the Isis cult of Egypt which was eventually repackaged as the Virgin Mary.

The Christian religion is a repackaged saviour story to keep the populace in order. If you want to read the original story look into the Sumer texts 3/4000 BC, the similarities are astounding. But the ‘be good- go to nice place, be bad- hell damnation’…. carrot / stick system still applies. It seems to work well, so it is repackaged in a ‘new improved’ format/flavour through the ages for the populace of the time to swallow via royal and religious controllers up to the present day.

Christianity is recycled paganism…and provably so. Many pagan festival dates were transferred over into Christian holidays along with the pagan sites handed over to Christian worship….along with a revamp of the icons…….giving the old pagan icons a new Christian refit.

It’s a bit like changing rooms, except its ‘change religions’……it’s a revamp, a make over…..but all at their core pagan ……….because that’s the architects program.

Even the far east religions work to pagan themes and dates, similar symbolism can be found through all religions. That’s because they are all from the same stable, and the differences between them are for the ‘divide and rule’ control system that the controlling powers of the time have used for millennia. By inserting certain minor opposing thoughts/beliefs/details into other religions ensures friction between groups can be manipulated at will by the controlling authorities of the time. Instigated/promoted through the differences in the texts fuelled by royal and religious controllers through their propaganda machines aimed at the populace.
This means the populace can be manipulated into war under the umbrella of religion at a moments notice, reinforced by patriotism inserted by the education system.

A pagan is a natural earth living human being in touch with the planets cycles and seasons…that’s all, even if the season cycles are part of the ‘ARCHITECTS’ program. Incredible when you consider the slaughter the church is responsible for towards pagan worshippers….It doesn’t come any more hypocritical than that. It’s a dysfunctional world alright!.....and religion is proof of it being so.

Killing pagans for being pagans when the religion you are replacing it with is pagan, albeit covertly, built around sun worship!

Some of the churches around Temple Bruer show the ‘Green Man’ carved in the stone work …a blatant pagan symbol, but still only a repackaged icon from previous times…..see ‘Bran for Breakfast’ article under the ‘ Vaults’ tab. Note also the left arm of the pentacle points to Green Man wood, ....see map TB 2.


Christ is born on 25th ………………as the sun is symbolically reborn.

Viewed from Earth - The setting sun reaches the solstice point December 21st/22 and ‘appears’ to stand still ( setting in the same position for 3 days) on the horizon before restarting its journey back along the horizon on the 25th Dec towards the other extreme summer solstice setting position on June 21st.
So the sun is symbolically reborn on the 25th.

On June 24th we have Feast day of John the Baptist, again 3 days after the solstice when the setting sun once again appears to restart its journey back to the other extreme winter solstice point. John the Baptist is a well known templar icon. Even to this day many sites previously associated with the Knights Templar sites have a John the Baptist connection, as does Temple Bruer ….. The Victorian church being dedicated to John the Baptist.

These Christian icons then are pointers to the setting sun’s journey along the horizon throughout the year (as viewed from earth). Making Christianity a pagan religion based around sun worship….hence the day of worship is Sun-day. To many John the Baptist was said to be the brother of Jesus, and in a way he was and still is. He is the solstice brother, marking the turn around point of the sun 3 days after the solstice.

I decided to jump off the ‘Mary–go-round’ of Mary Magdalene, lost bloodlines….Jesus offspring and John being his physical brother……mainly because you can’t rely on information that has been rewritten so many times by people with a differing political / religious agenda….you end up chasing your tail getting nowhere and driving yourself mad.

The Jesus/Mary/Bloodline carousel is like a jar that everyone has had their snout in… taken original things out of and added some bits of their own….creating an unreliable broth.

This is about sun worship in a coded form via icons, and it’s been going on for millennia new icons replacing old ones, with feast days running with the pagan calendar. …and it’s illustrated beautifully in the last supper by Da Vinci.

If you look carefully Christ, the sun/ son of god is at the centre, to his left are two groups of 3, to his right the same. 12 disciples, 12 months. This then appears to me as the solar year depicted in a picture…..the four seasons, 3 months each with the sun at the centre. It could also be argued the 12 represents the 12 astrological houses. Da Vinci was aware of all this and is mocking the hypocrisy in religion with the layout of his masterpiece.

The church knows the power of the pagan calendar …. So they use it for their own purposes while telling the cattle/sheeple/ignorant masses its nonsense… same with astrology.


Does the pagan calendar offer a stronger influence behind the intent if put into motion at a particular time in the pagan year?

An astrologer would say so ..... To know this information would then give you a leading edge to power your intent. Would this information be protected, so as to keep the power from the masses?

Isaac Newton coincidentally was born on Dec 25th….and died on the spring equinox…Galileo dies in the same year as Newton is born. Newton incidentally was born at Woolsthorpe near Colsterworth not that far from Temple Bruer and was a grand master of the Priory of Sion, If you believe it existed?……Creating maybe a link between the Temple Bruer area and Rennes le Chateau.

Many influential historical figures are born around pagan dates and die around pagan dates ……………as are many of the major turning points of history, battles and events right up to the present day.


Unfortunately many peoples greatest fear is fear of the unknown ……When that’s presented it offends our ego who likes to think we live in a predictable world without mystery…with puppet experts to tell us the latest in fashion, but soon to go out of fashion truth….which we all then parrot as the new truth. Many will only believe something if the TV/ god box says it is so…..and only then if it is telling them when Eastenders is not on the other side.

Over the ages one truth has been replaced by the next one and the prevailing truth of the time is accepted as being the true one, yet if ‘fable’ history’ is anything to go by we will be proved wrong again………and that much of what we believe to be true today simply isn’t true...It’s just a temporary truth based around our current level of understanding.

“The world is flat!.....err, sorry folks…made a mistake , the world is round actually !” Syndrome.
“But you just hung all the people that said it was round!”…..shouts somebody from the crowd.

Predictably humans will usually react the same way to a message that it doesn’t understand or want to understand because of where it might lead…that being a re-evaluation of our CURRENT view of reality and what it is. If you don’t like the message, shoot the messenger….because it’s easier than thinking the unthinkable….That maybe we are not in control as much as we thought!

Hopefully you can now see, why I see the way I see.

We come in naked, we go out naked….everything in between is trifle …….. remove the disbelieving frown and enjoy Templar Mechanics as a reality shaking possibility.

Upgrade your fuses …here we go.

Follow the white rabbit……






Dare you wear awearness?

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