Is There a Grid Near You ?

Alfonso Rubino

Aztec sundial - Part 1

Another view of Chartres

Anthropological synthesis

Applied to Vitruvian Man

Aztec sundial

Aztec sundial - Part 2

Aztec sundial - Part 3

Cheops Room of the King


Diatonic scale and the Hebrew alphabet

Exterior view

Francis Bacon's Rose

Heart Mind and the Divine

John Dee, Boehme and the Great Pyramid

MAIN PAGE - Great work

MU Cosmic Diagram

Pyramid at Karnak

Pyramid on Silbury Hill

Pyramid on the dollar Bill

Qabala and tree of life

Sacred Crosses

Sacred Triangles

Stages of construction

The PSI Way

Tree of Life and Chartres

Tree of Life Vitruvian Man

What does it mean

Andrew Monkman - Flower of life.

Cymatics - Vibration and Form

Cymatics -wiki

Cymatics You Tube

Frank Perry

Hans Jenny - excellent

Pyramid Cymatics

Rosslyn chapel

Saturn Hex

Dan Winter

Fractal field

Golden Mean coincidence



pyra - phi

Energy Grids

Bethe Hagens

Montalk - fascinating!

The Orion Zone

Tom Graham - Phi Latitude

Vortex Maps

Graham Phillips - Temple Herdewycke

Temple Herdewycke

Hell Fire Club

Hell fire Caves


Hugo Kennes Research

Mylius and 3 pyramids at Giza

Ley Lines

Peter Knight

The Quest - Study of Templars and sacred sites

Metaphysical Earth Grids

Celtic Trails

Grail Land tours

Numerology & Gematria

Gary Val Tenuta

Other Interesting Folk

Adrian Gilbert

Andrew Collins

Book of Thoth

Boris + Sharkstooth

Civilization One Great site for Pagan Research.

Crichton Miller

David Wood Pentagram

Earth matrix

Earth Sensitivities

Gardiners World

Graham Hancock



Lincoln Da Vinci Code

Lincs Paranormal Research

Macla - local Informartion

Maurice Cotterell

Mission Ignition


Navenby Archaeology Group

Norwegian Pentagram

Pyramids of Scotland

Rosicrucian Alchemy

Secret of Sele

Secrets In Plain Sight

Sons of T C Lethbridge

Truth Contest

Washington DC pentagram

Sacred Geometry

Islamic Geometry

Tom Graham - Phi Latitude

Sacred Geometry ...5.15

Perpetual Choirs of Britain.

Templar Research

Temple Booklet

The Quest - Study of Templars and sacred sites

Templar Tunnels

Hertford Tunnel System

Hertford Tunnel System

Templars and the New world

The Grand design - Geometry in nature

Fractals - Wiki


Islamic Geometry


Snowflake - Mathematics

Snowflake Pattern

Water Molecule Analysis

William Buehler - Introduction to Reshel PDF base

Reshel PDF's

William Buehler - Reshel files

Africa Chapel

Ancient Language America


Ark Alphabet

Ark Angles

Ark Central Sun 1

Ark Central Sun 2

Ark Clouds

Ark Ennead

Ark Falcon

Ark Falcon - Andorra

Ark Flag Canada

Ark Geo 1

Ark Geo 2

Ark Geo 3

Ark Geo 4

Ark Isis

Ark L Mode

Ark Oracle

Ark Ossipee

Ark Parhelia

Ark Scarab

Art Templar 2

Art Templar 3

Art Templar Aeriopax 1

Asofada 1

Asofada 2

Asofala 1

Asofala 2

Asofala 3

Asofala 4

Atlan Star 1

Atlan Star 2


Bannock Hill 1

Bannock Hill 2

Bee Honeycombe

Bee Merovingian


Borthwick 1

Borthwick 2

Borthwick 3

Borthwick 4

Borthwick 5

Borthwick 6

Borthwick 7

Borthwick 8

Boudet 1's%20Arch%2001.pdf

Boudet 2

Chartres - Front

Chartres - Glory Window

Chartres - Labyrinth 1

Chartres - Labyrinth 2

Chartres - Labyrinth 3

Chartres - Labyrinth 4

Chartres - Plan L Gate

Chartres - Taurus

Chiswick House 1

Chiswick House 10

Chiswick House 11

Chiswick House 12

Chiswick House 13

Chiswick House 14

Chiswick House 15

Chiswick House 16

Chiswick House 2

Chiswick House 3

Chiswick House 4

Chiswick House 5

Chiswick House 6

Chiswick House 7

Chiswick House 7

Chiswick House 8

Chiswick House 9

Church Harmonics

Church Vestments


Crestone / Lindisfarne 1

Crestone / Lindisfarne 2

Crop key

Crop form Mensa

Crypt photo

Cube of Stars

Cup Bearer Tintagel 1

Cup Bearer Tintagel 2

Cup Bearer Tintagel 3

Dendera Ceiling 1

Dendera Ceiling 10

Dendera Ceiling 11

Dendera Ceiling 12

Dendera Ceiling 2

Dendera Ceiling 3

Dendera Ceiling 4

Dendera Ceiling 5

Dendera Ceiling 6

Dendera Ceiling 7

Dendera Ceiling 8

Dendera Ceiling 9

Di Coup 1

Di Coup 2

Dione Couplet 1

Dione Couplet 2

Drybugh Abbey stone

Eagle Mobile 1

Eagle Mobile 2

Edinburgh Holyrood

Edinburgh Horse and Rider

Edinburgh Incholm

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 1

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 2

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 3

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 4

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 5

Edinburgh Reshel Matrix 6

Edinburgh Winton House


Face in Stone

Flashing Universe 1

Flashing Universe 2

Flashing Universe 3

Gawain Gravois

Giza 1

Giza 2

Glastonbury 1

Glastonbury 2

Glen 1

Glen 2

Glen 3

Glen 4

Glen 5

Grail Astara

Grail Holy head

Grail Urmaga

Grid Ali

Grid Bakhira Trinity point

Grid Duart /Spear

Grid Edinburgh Sinclair shield

Grid French

Grid Hawaii

Grid Lindisfarne Chair

Grid Lindisfarne Map

Grid Monticello 1

Grid Monticello 2

Grid Monticello 3

Grid Savannah

Grid Star Frog

Hbru 1

Hbru 2

Hbru 3

Heb Door

Hebalph 1

Hebalph 2


Henry Sinclair 1

Henry Sinclair 2

Henry Sinclair 3

Hermes Retreat

Ice wave

Imtara 1

Imtara 2

Imtara 3

Imtara 4

Imtara 5

Imtara 6

Imtara 7

Imtara 8

Isis Throne

Kali Rift

Key of David

Key of David

King Terror

Kirkharle stone

Knight 1

Knight 2

Knight 3


L Gate

Labyrinth Edin.

Lame King


Lindis 1

Lindis 2

Lindis 3

Lindis 4

Lindis 5

Lindis L 1

Lindis L 2

Lindis L 3

Lindis L 4

Lindis L 5

Lindis London Ovum 1

Lindis London Ovum 2

Lindis Plain logo

Lisbon Chapel

Los Lunas Stone 2

Los Lunas Stone 2

Lunar cross




Maddox 1

Maddox Tonkin

Maddox Turner Joy

Maeshow Mound http://www.shameer-orion


Maris Ashdown

Maris Leonardo

Mark Collage

Marks cover

Mars Cydonia

Mazuriel Tetratryon

Met Alfa 1

Met Alfa 2

Michael Mandate


Milk Hill 1

Milk Hill 2

Milk Hill 3

Ministerial Instruction

Misc. Ship 1

Misc. Ship 2

Monter. Bay,%201943%2001.pdf


Mstra Mol

Newport Tower

Norske Star


Nova Scotia



Overton Hill




Silbury Hill 1

Silbury Hill 2

Silbury Hill 3


Washington DC Cornerstone




Dare you wear awearness?

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