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Templar Mechanic Day Tours

Aslackby 5.15


Bisham Abbey

Bisham Abbey / Medmenham Abbey - Francis Dashwood


Historic Collioure
Abbe Bigou in Collioure
Collioure Grid Mechanics
Collioure & The Reshel


TM Dunwich Expedition
Toby Gill
Blythburgh Church

Edinburgh 5.15

Edinburgh / Rosslyn 5.15

Eglinton / Glengarnock Castle Scotland



5.15 Geometry

Isle of Mull

5.15 Geometry

La Rochelle

La Rochelle


Lindisfarne 5.15


Llangollen pentacle
Llangollen Seal
The Norway connection - Trondjell Holy mountain
Llangollen Introduction
Llangollen Seal / Kings Chamber
Langollen Historical Links
Exploring The Grid

Lundy Island

Lundy Island


Malta 5.15 Geometry


Maltby 5.15 Geometry

Pyramids of Bosnia

Bosnian Pyramids

Rennes le Chateau

RLC 1 - 5.15 Geometry Main system
RLC 2 - Rennes les Bains Penta
RLC 3 - David Wood / Templar Mechanics comparison
RLC 4 - Revised Wood Penta and the 5.15 system
RLC 5 - Rennes Rotor 1
RLC 6 - Rennes Rotor 2
RLC 7 - Penta Distances
RLC 8 - Penta distances and the Great Bear.
RLC 9 - 14 Pointed Star
RLC 11 - Les Bergers dí Arcadia
RLC 10 - Rennes Mandala Star Wheel
RLC 12 - Temple Bruer / Rlc 5.15 pentas


Roslin 5.15 Geometry

Royston Cave / Denny Abbey / Great Wilbraham

Royston Cave
Denny Abbey
Royston Geometry
Royston Geometry - Exploring the Grid
Royston Cave Carvings


Introduction, Index and Link
What and Where
Basis and Background
In Depth
Seals Of Sele
Is There A Pattern ?

Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster
Southwell Minster Geometry
Southwell Minster
Templar Window


Tara 5.15 Geometry

Temple Bruer

John Dee
Tunnel System
Preceptory Sketches and diagrams
Tunnel System Excavations Part 1.
Tunnel System Excavations Part 2
Dunston Pillar - Francis Dashwood -Hell Fire Club
Bruer Preceptory
Bruer Hamlet
Temple Bruer 5.15 Geometry -Updated
Temple Bruer Poem from 1161
Ashby Hall Geometry
Temple Bruer Aerial pics
Temple Bruer Pentacle -Hell Fire Club
The 18 Churches In Alignment.
Viking Way
Winter Solstice sunset - Temple Bruer
6 Seals of Harmston Church - Top of Penta
Green Man Wood
Green Man Inn
Summer Solstice Alignment
Navenby Henge
The Blankney Enigma
Ermine Street Sign
Cocked Hat Plantation
Francis Dashwood and the Illuminati
Coleby Hall - Temple Romulus and Remus

Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

Seated Isis in the Landscape
Introduction To A Geometric Conundrum
Let the Mystery Begin
Initial Discovery
3,4,5 At First Sight
Bible Codes
Hans Holbein Jnr Painting
3,4,5 Cornerstone
Repeating Architectural Themes
Earth , Moon and Pythagoras
Bloxholm Church

Temple Church London Inner City State

London Grid
Westminster Penta Pagan Alignments
Westminster Penta Bridge Feeders
Westminster Penta 'Griffin Line'
Westminster Penta Coincidental Mechanics
Buckingham Palace Numerics
Royal Wedding , Tour of the London Penta

Temple Cloud / Glastonbury

Temple Cloud / Glastonbury 5.15
Temple Cloud / Temple Combe

Temple Combe

Temple Combe 5.15 Geometry

Temple Ewell

Temple Ewell 5.15 Geometry

Temple Herdewycke

Temple Herdewycke 5.15
Temple Herdewycke and the Reshel

Temple Hirst

Temple Hirst 5.15

Temple Normanton

Temple Normanton
Chatsworth House

Temple Rockley/Avebury

TR 1 - Clock Mount ! - Rockley 5.15 Geometry .
TR 2 -The seven circles and the hexagon
TR 3 - Inner sanctum.

Temple Sowerby

Temple Sowerby 5.15 Geometry

William Buehler - Reshel Grids

Introduction - Reshel
Lincs R/H 1
Lincs R/H 2
Rhun Habar 1
Rhun Habar 2
Rhun Habar 3
Kings Lynn - Moon Clock
Kings Lynn - St Margarets Church
TM -Lincs Grid- Hagworthingham
TM -Lincs Grid - Tetford
TM -Lincs Grid - Willoughton
TM -Lincs Grid - Maltby
Reshel Basic
Isle of Wight
Templar Ports -Function
Reshel PDF File Introduction


Willoughton -Blyborough Grange.
Willoughton - Knights Templar 5.15



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