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Local Geomancer

Is There a Holistic Geometric Pattern in the Landscape near you?

From 10th October 2009 I will be offering a new service: To research any location worldwide to see if a geometric pattern exists in the landscape surrounding your area of interest.

Holistic landscape geometry has already been discovered and mapped by Templar Mechanics for the following people :

Karen Bishop of ‘Whats up on planet Earth’.com – Ramah , New Mexico

David Icke - Isle of Wight

Jay and Kim Atkinson of ‘Llangollen lights’ web site – Llangollen, North Wales

Jackie Queally of Celtic Trails - Burren , Ireland

Peter Knight also approached Templar Mechanics with regard to using the Temple Rockley graphics in his publication. – The Wessex Astrum.

Other peoples comments who have been involved with Templar Mechanics since its inception can be read further down.

Ordering your Map .

Delivery Time - 4 weeks with all UK orders
6 weeks for worldwide orders.

Please e mail Tony , at the e mail address at the bottom of the page with regard to the cost of producing individual sacred geometry landscape maps. I am also offering OS (English) and IGN (French) maps of the established TM grids in the UK and France. These maps show far greater detail than can be shown through web graphics. Once again e mail Tony ….enquiries@templarmechanics for prices

Available OS / IGN maps. 1:25000 / 1 :50000 scale

Knights Templar:

Rennes le Chateau
La Rochelle
Temple Ewell
Temple Bruer
Temple Rockley/Avebury
Temple Combe
Temple Sowerby
Temple Cloud /Glastonbury
Bisham Abbey
Isle of Mull / Iona
Royston cave
Llangollen, N. Wales

Other Sacred Site systems:

Burren, Ireland
Isle of Wight
Ramah , New Mexico
Isle of Man
Kings Lynn

The grid discovery of your area can also be featured on the Templar Mechanics pages if you so wish, or remain private.

Due to the increasing correspondence with people interested in the study, a forum is being considered where people can discuss / share their personal experiences of specific points within the landscape patterns.

Longitude and Latitude coordinates for the central area of interest is all that’s required to start with.

Terms and Conditions :

1. Finished map will be delivered within 4 weeks to the purchaser’s door from date of receiving the sourced map….6 weeks worldwide, depending on map availability.

2. Due to the accuracy required I will only use map scales up to 1:50000…..anything up to that scale is workable…1:15000, …1:25000…1:35000 . If no map is available of appropriate scale required I would not be able to proceed.

3. Cost includes detailed map showing the local landscape geometry, a report with comments. Labeled A4 graphic on white background showing major points

4. All maps will be signed by Templar Mechanics.

5. If you wish to purchase the Copyright to the work for the promotion of local tours and design prints this can be discussed after the work is complete.

6. I retain the right to refuse to do a grid if I feel there is not one to be found. No charge would be made.

7. Payment can be made through the PAY PAL DONATE at the bottom of the page.

I’m offering this service as I believe there are people out there I am meant to converse with in relation to the study. I also think there are areas where these patterns are due to be revealed for the first time and awaken those around them who unknowingly may already interact with them.

If you’ve read the TM pages you will know what spaces the individual can move into at the sites with regard to what manifests....while in the grids ‘company’.

….The Time Is Now !

Please write to me if you feel inspired by the above, and that inner push to get involved. Nothing happens by accident, if you write you were meant to…..I have no need to push any of the above . I’m just doing what I feel I should do.

I am batting a ball to you all…….It’s up to you if you feel the push of spirit to bat it back.

If anyone is interested in having their area studied please contact Tony through the e mail address at the base of the page……..enquiries@templarmechanics . Stating the proposed area along with Longitude and Latitude coordinates. Pay Pal contributions help towards the upkeep of the TM site and the costs involved in the ongoing research.

Kind Regards


Other peoples comments regarding the TM grid research can be found below:

Starting with William Buehler, a retired US Navy Commander and the World’s leading expert on Reshel Dynamics and systems.

“I am pleased that Jackie Queally brought Tone's work to my attention. I'm a Yank on a Colorado mountain and severely handicapped in knowing the "feel" of the Land and its organization in the UK and Ireland... critical in developing World grids. Europe is the right fore-brain of the World and Racial Mind/Soul with "Alba On" (the Atlan name for the British island complex) being essentially the core of the forebrain processing spiritual programs. The main focus for the Ascension Programs is in southern England... crop formations are the surface indicators of the larger inputs. Thus it has been most helpful to me to have a person on the Land, with superior grid knowledge and intuitive sight. Tone's grid approach complements my use of the Metatronic "Reshel" systems very neatly; the inner-core Templars and later Masons used the Reshel applications designed for the present evolution of the Planet and Race so Tone's specialized advanced work is highly aligned with that ultimate goal and is most timely. It's much appreciated.


“I'm pleased that Tone has included some of my material in his site, as a friend and fellow worker. It’s a situation where two parallel paths have clicked together, matching well in intention and timing in Europe's intricate phasing with the "Ascension" (Transition) dynamics found in her grid systems. This happened first with the RHUN HABAR grid of major importance, stretching between the Callanish Stones to Malta and resonant with the Hathor Temple at Dendera (Egypt) and making a vital link joining Europe with the Mideast "forebrains" in the collective Gaia and Racial Mind/Soul "brain.

My specialty is the discovery and possible participation in the reactivation or upgrade of the ancient Ascension grid systems, now relevant in the Metatronic surge into a Transition much beyond the usual succession of "New Ages. My work is based on information from innerdimensional sources under the supervision of Metatron (highest archangel), the archangel Michael, and human Hierarchical luminary "Thoth" (who has expanded the Title to "ThothHorRa" with the name "Khandr") as translated by Maia Cristianne Mallika. Over a 35 year period this focus in grid organization of consciousness and associated energy systems has had wide input from many such sources, all consistent in the advancement of the present Universal transition into a collective Metatronic state of being.”

Taken from William Buehler section under Knights Templar tab - titled – Reshel Introduction

Full article below.


You have come up with an important grid matrix that appears to at least triple Glastonburys' capability and functions. It seems to me to be synchronized with Ascension expansion ...Glastonbury is the agna/eye chakra of the Ascension grid, possibly the most important due to the Roil/Royale processing via the Greece (Aegean) brow and Hawaii combination as a parallel with the Ascension Grid. Ref 2 adds some ideas in interpretation however I need to know your ideas about what the system does.

In my view the TOR is critical ...it contains the 1 + 7 grails (includes the original) and does other things. Your new grids appear to supplement the primary Tor systems, in other words. However they do look (to me) like a spinner system with rider(s). There is already the KYOPTOS RING made by the Anubis Mary Caine found, which is a heliotrope (Sun Tracker) but I view your Wells ring as a heliotropic spinner with two "riders": the Wells O'Purha star rider and the circular ring I've indicated in Ref 2 as the dashed red line circle. This is a harmonic of the King's Hill ring using the Star of David format.

Just what is being "tracked" is still a question in my mind, would appreciate thoughts, if you concur with the tracker idea. I'll think about it some more.”

Taken from William Buehler section under Knights Templar tab - titled – Reshel Grids / Glastonbury

Full article below.


“Isle of Wight
Regarding the Isle of Wight in the UK grid systems. Tone has put together a fine system you might want to seriously look at as a Reshel system of importance (in attachments). It has a Great Pyramid spinner field that would provide the Aeriopax using the Reshel format. His grid shows a N-S and E-W double system of Pyramids (2 Aeriopaxes).

The thing I see here is the Alikar grid, its northern Reshel's Resh (Chief Head Stone) pole at Avebury and the system's Shiyn pole at Stonehenge. Its the typical female half of the grid being the obvious one. The center of the Wight system is on a bearing of 145 T or SE.

If we spin the Alikar system and "strobe" on an 8-point wheel using the Templa Mar format Wight is the SE pole or Tree of Knowledge coding as well as the Aeriopax... Glastonbury loading all of this while also interacting on the Rose Line (San Sebastian to Thurso) with Edinburgh and Rosslyn. The really big thing about this is the Wight spinner being a "rider" on the Alikar heliotropic spinner-axis while using the 145 axis as its physical down/upload site. This is also very important as the Wight center is in the base of the capstone of the Alikar Gt. Pyramid when it passes through the 145 Wight pole.

The Google Earth attachment shows green radii out from Stonehenge. The ends of these lines mark the Isle of Wight spinner centers as the heliotrope passes through them (remembering that the Wight spinner is the size of Tone's grid)”

Taken from William Buehler section under Knights Templar tab - titled – Reshel Grids / Isle of Wight

Full article below.



Your version is as valid as mine and should be developed if you have the time. The "Green Man Effect" is an interaction between the human and elemental states of being. If a human focuses on a tree, water, fire, et al (the main elements are more effective for interaction) then the elementals will respond by forming a mutual thought-form that the human (and elemental) mutually relate to and the human sees it (most often) as a face in vegetation... trees are the most sensitive to the human foci. The face/head is also a critical energetic and consciousness dynamic... "Resh" (Chief Head Stone) situations. However this same dynamic occurs in large areas where all three realms (angelic, human, devic) are involved. We will see images in landscapes including roads and buildings. Three very important examples are Mary Caine's Glastonbury Zodiac, Elizabeth Van Buren's Rennes le Chateau Zodiac, and Tom Graham's horse and rider (Time Gate/Pillar) at Edinburgh.

Since you are closely attuned to these sites as well as the larger UK/European grids your finding one in the "City of the Risen" area of the Bakhira Grid (re the Westford Knight and Sinclair 1398 mission to the Americas) would represent a right forebrain (Europe) to right brain (Americas) in the Bakhira or Metatronic state of being. I do the same thing in reverse from the US to Europe/UK.

Taken from William Buehler section under Knights Templar tab - titled – Reshel Grids / Ramah

Full article below.


From Jackie Queally of Celtic Trails

When Tone first contacted me back in the start of 2007 he had been researching landscape geometry on the area around his home patch of Temple Bruer. I introduced him to William Buehler (inventor of the Reshel and synergy light work) in Colorado, and other geometers I knew of, and over the months I witnessed his work develop at an exponential rate. He became a prolific geometer and whenever he invited me to visit some of the areas he had done his grid work on magical things used to happen with the energies we encountered. When he came over to Ireland in Autumn 2008 to see the area I had settled in (my father's homeland) he voluntarily drew a grid up after seeing the land during a whistle-stop tour, which was the first time he had attempted to draw a grid in this manner. Nevertheless there were major places on the nodes of the Burren grids, including the castle at Doolin on the south west tip of a large pentagram with an elongated arm peaking at Doolin. I received a phone call from a local historian and writer just before leaving the region to go to Spain, and he told me how he believed the early Irish monks sailed to a mythical place in an ancient epic poem. He believed they had sailed to Norway from Doolin, and this dovetailed in with the fact that the axis of the pentagram led to Trondfjell a holy" mountain in eastern Norway where my friend Harald Boehlke the geometer and writer had discovered a large pentagram over the whole of southern Norway! I have been to this region thrice and always magical things occur there too.

Then in the Spring after teaching a Reshel synergy light training workshop one of the participants was travelling through the Burren with me in order to connect with the land. We kept receiving spontaneous chakra openings at simultaneous moments, and I decided to check the locations that these occurred on. They were indeed all along the main axis of this pentagram that goes to Norway. William Buehler had already seen Tone's maps of the Burren and when I met William at the Gathering of the Eagles workshop in Virginia Spring 2009 , he mentioned that there was a very complex Reshel grid in this limestone area, which we subsequently linked with a couple of times in our Clare synergy light group. This heralded a degree of upgrading of deep ancestral energies and since then we have been working more with new celestial and off-planet grids that Ireland links into. What is fascinating about Tone's Burren grid is it is not based on his normal 5.15 radius. In accordance with his higher intuition Tone did not discover a 5.15 grid for the Burren. I feel this may be due to the high degree of free flow the grid has. Its function goes beyond making connections, which the 5.15 apparently does within the Reshel system of numbers and geometric patterns. There is a high degree of spiritual crown and higher heart energy in this region - and it acts like a filter for all of Ireland, a function which is emphasized by its intricate and extensive cave system, including Ireland's deepest and oldest cave at Ailwee. Another time two of us conducted a "Dione Couplet" link at Doolin Point and received much information from Atlantean times as well as future reality planes. The Burren is a place that sits comfortably in the "No Time" zone that we normally reach through meditation practice. For more information see Arks Within Grail Lands ISBN 978094143572

Jackie Queally

For training in synergy light work and tours of Reshel grid areas, please contact Jackie Queally jac@celtictrails.co.uk www.graillands.com

Karen Bishop - Whats up on planet Earth

“Tone at Templar Mechanics has drawn up a sacred geometry grid of the area which can be viewed here. Kindly click on Ramah-New Mexico and Ramah Angel links to view the amazing image of the Ramah Angel along with Tone's detailed description of its' meaning.




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