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John Dee's church at Leadenham, and the list of Rectors. Excellent article follows graphics

1527 Born at London.
1537 – 1542 Schooling Chantry school at Chelmsford in Essex.
1542 – 6 St Johns college c. 1546 – 50.
1545 Fellow of St Johns college.
1546 – 1550 fellow of trinity.
1548 Earns MA.
1548-50 Tutored influential people on the subject of MATHEMATICS and geography, such as the Earl of Warwick
1550 In Paris expounding MATHEMATICAL MAGIC, philosophy revived by Ficino, brings NAVIGATIONAL instruments to England.

1551 – 55 Gains the patronage of Duchess of Northumberland and her husband.
1551 Offered professorship at the University of Paris, he declined.
1552 King Edward grants him a pension of 100 crowns.

1553 Exchanges pension for rectorship of UPTON UPON SEVERN in Worcestershire, developed the PARADOXICAL COMPASS or chart.

1554 Offered a position as a lecturer of MATHEMATICS at Oxford, he declined.
1556 Petitions queen Mary to preserve the monastic libraries.
1558 Propaeduemata Aphoristica.
1558 -1602 was freelance advisor to the crown.
1564 Monas Hieroglyphia, travels to Presburg where he presents a copy of Hieroglyphoa to Maximillian II, to whom the work was dedicated.


1548 – 51 Studies at Louvain university with Gemma Frisius and Mercator.
1551- 83 Consultant to Muscovy company.

1570 Billingsly translation of Euclid, added famous preface in justification of MATHEMATICS.

1577 Perfecte arte of NAVIGATION.
1582 Involved with Edward Kelly in OCCULTand ALCHEMICAL works.

1583 Prince in Poland,Lasky, promises Dee compensations he did not receive from Elizabeth I.

1584 Travels to Praque, alienates Rudolph and is temporarily banished from empire.
1586 - 8 Guest of count Rosenberg of Bohemia
1586- 9 Acted as MAGICIAN and ALCHEMIST
1592 – 1605 Wardenship of Christ College, Manchester…did not fill post.
1608 Died in poverty Mortlake, Surrey, England.

Sources-----life of John Dee; an Elizabethan crystal gazer, by Charlotte Fell Smith.
John Dee an Elizabethan magus by Peter J French and the web page John Dee, at

There is much to discover about John Dee and he is a mystery all by himself. But to find him popping up in the geometry makes him even more intriguing.

There is a great article here, which gives an overview of his life achievements and times at this link.:

Some bits I will repeat here to back up the Templar Mechanics thoughts on mathematics/geometry ………but visit the link for the whole article …its well worth it.

“He believed that number was the basis of all things and the key to knowledge, that god’s creation was an act of ‘numbering’. From Hermeticism, he drew the belief that man had the potential for divine power, and he believed this divine power could be exercised through mathematics. His cabalistic angel magic( which was heavily numerological) and his work on practical mathematics ( navigation for example) were simply the exalted and mundane ends of the same spectrum, not the antithetical activities many would see them as today. His ultimate goal was to bring about a unified world religion through the healing of the breach of catholic and protestant churches and the recapture of the pure theology of the ancients.”

…and further on under … ‘Reputation and Significance’

“Dee promoted the sciences of navigation and cartography. He studied closely with Gerard Mercator, and he owned an important collection of maps,globes and astronomical instruments. He developed new instruments as well as special navigational techniques for use in polar regions. Dee served as an advisor to the English voyages of discovery, and personally selected pilots and trained them in navigation.”

“He believed that mathematics (which he understood mystically) was central to the progress of human learning. The centrality of mathematics to Dees vision makes him to that extent more modern than Francis Bacon, though some scholars believe Bacon purposely down played mathematics in the anti occult atmosphere of the reign of James I . It should be noted though, that Dees understanding of the role of mathematics is radically different from our contemporary view.

Dee’s most long-lasting practical achievement may be his promotion of mathematics outside the universities. His ‘Mathematical preface’ to Euclid was meant to promote the study and application of mathematics by those without a university education, and was very influential among the ‘mecanicians’, the new and growing class of technical craftsmen and artisans. Dee’s preface included demonstrations of mathematical principles that readers could perform themselves.

Dee was a friend of Tycho Brahe and was familiar with the work of Copernicus.
Many of his astronomical calculations were based on Copernican assumptions, but he never openly espoused the heliocentric theory. Dee applied Copernican theory to the problem of calendar reform. His sound recommendations were not accepted, however for political reasons.

He has often been associated with the Voynich Manuscript. Wilfrid M.Voynich, who bought the manuscript in 1912, suggested that Dee may have owned the manuscript and sold it to Rudolph II. Dee’s diaries show no evidence of the sale.”

TM ……John Dee , Leadenham……..and the possibility of him owning the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT…….which shows things that many believe to be ‘off planet’ , or ‘someones view into another dimension.’….either of these is a possibility with the knowledge John Dee had acquired regarding the occult.


“The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be ‘The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World’…To this day this medieval artefact resists all efforts at translation.
It’s either an ingenious hoax or an unbreakable cipher.”

Read more here

As always do your own research and thinking, there is a lot on John Dee available through the net and other sources, the above is only food for thought.


What about this.

1553 Jon Dee takes Rectorship of Upton Upon Severn in Worcestershire.

While researching I came across a net article.

Knights of the Temple (part 2) by Brian Hoggard (originally published at Lughnasa 1996)

“ In Upton Upon Severn there is a large church tower standing alone by the river( its unusual top being added in 1769 – 70.This is the tower of the medieval church founded by Sir Boteler who is described in the official town guide as a crusader, but in the heritage centre ( actually housed in the church tower) he’s described as a Templar , and this is the most up to date verdict on him. The medieval church was demolished and rebuilt in 1754, then demolished (except for its tower of course) in 1947 because it was falling into disrepair and the new Victorian church served it better. At this time the effigy of Sir Boteler was transferred to the new church where it resides to this day. Apart from being founded by a templar, the church’s other occult claim to fame is that no less than John Dee held the rectorship there from 1553 onwards, though exactly what the famous alchemist – astrologer’s connection with the area was other than this is not known. Was he a fan of the Templars ?”

TM - A few years later he turns up at Leadenham, a major church involved in the geometry…..I wonder if some knowledge gained at Upton Upon Severn led him to Temple Bruer and the geometric ‘Energy Pentacle’…through which he worked his craft.


If you notice, the life summary also shows an interest in navigation aids.

At Temple Bruer is a triangular piece of land called the ‘cocked hat’ plantation.

BLANKNEY – TEMPLE BRUER-HOUGH ON THE HILL LINE marks the ‘cocked hat’s’ longest side and is also the winter solstice line.

Ermine Street and the lane up to the preceptory marking the other two sides of the triangle creating the ‘cocked hat’.

The ‘cocked hat’ is a nautical mapping term to do with navigation, Grand Masters were sometimes known as nautoneers…..more pointers to compass ,squares and geometry

I came across this in a book by: Ralph Ellis..titled… THOTH –ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE.

RE: Finding the circles centre.

“This process can be taken one step further, because if it is possible to find many points on the perimeter of the same circle, lines can be drawn from each one. Taking many such arcs will provide a variety of lines, all crossing at the same place – the centre point of the circle. If however, the circle is not quite accurate; the lines pointing at the centre will miss each other slightly: they will form a small triangle known as a ‘cocked hat’ – a term presumably born in the days when naval navigation officers wore tricorn hats. This space marks an area of uncertainty, and the centre of the circle will lie somewhere inside the circle , inside the cocked hat.”

P118, 5. Henge of the world fig.27

Considering there are two Vesica Piscis circles nearby it might be possible that there are other circles to discover.


THOTH – ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE- Edfu Books, P.O Box 165 Cheshire, CW8 4WF ..ISBN 0953191354



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