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Good work on the winged figure! I took your advice and played around with it. It looks like a native winged madonna to me.

To me it has a strong native or Inca face and a breast so is a mother and holding a child that seems to also be winged. The lake is in the right place as nonpolarized memory in the back of the head. I tried to sense the energy flow above the head so sketched in some lines there. I also found a serpent so have a winged-being with serpent archetype. That prompted looking for "staffs" or leys. As it turns out that area seems to centralize at least several leys connecting Crestone (7th chakra of 12 in the Ascension Grid) and a cathedral in Tucson (etc.), Taos (a local holy area) and the main cultural/eco area in Phoenix, the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe with Pine, Arizono where the 1st TEMPLA MAR is located (I don't know the exact position, on public land and buried),

There seems to be a ball of energy over the Child's head. The Heart ley from the Ramah heart links with Jackson Hole in the Tetons (Heart chakra of the Ascension Grid) goes through Ship Rock or "Rock with Wings" in Navaho.

Ramah in Hebrew meanis to "rise up, exalt self", among other things.

PURPOSE? Concerted mental focus can create a grid form. This one seems to be an interface for a number of sites in the US South west, linking to the vital 4-Corners and using a Native format. (The 2nd Longest Walk by all the Tribes/Nations is now enroute.) This larger area is the "City of the Risen" in the Reshel Bakhira Grid that locks onto the 1st Templa Mar in the Pine area on the Mogollon Rim. The Bakhira Grid is one of several major themes in the Sept. workshop at Trinity Point. It might be possible that this is a grid addition that facilitates the unification of the "City of the Risen...winged?" area.




Google Earth file: RAMAH ANGEL.kmz. Shows the "Green Man" image of a winged native holding a Child/Skull/Head. The Child has been given a wing. (Note the wing reference at the end of Storm Waters notice below: "And if there's one thing I could do for you... I'd make you an angel's wing in Heaven Blue." This is a new World-Soul appearance of importance; it works as a crop formation would but this is a larger download. The Wing/Feathers spiritual dynamic is previously found in the Egyptian Dendera temple ceiling (feathered crown) and the Judeo-Christian mysteries (Abara, bara-sheth bara, etc.).

The Bakhira Grid.kmz shows the grid as coded on the Westford Knight stone from the 1398 CE grid reboot mission including the Ruta link at 49N, 29W. The principle native sacred areas are in the "City of the Risen" area of the Bakhira grid organizing this side of the Planetary/Racial "brain." http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/Knight02b.pdf Knight carved in stone, 1398 CE mission. Eastern seeding codes in the Arkhom (Gamiish) Grid. Arkhom powers up the Bakhira. This schematic is the north western half of the Bakhira grid. Rebooting anticipated the formation of the IROQUOIS CONFED. and the creation of nations needed for the Ascension and expansion of the World Soul right brain. This Plan has existed many thousands of years.

The Marmre Icarus Azalah Grids.kmz shows the World Soul (Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul) forebrain systems: Icarus grid prior to the 9-11 generation of the MESSIANIC GRID and Azalah grid forebrain expansion needed to ground and process the Messianic system (note significance also of the Gulf War(s)... previously commented on).

------------------ (Copies of Tones' grid in the Ramah, NM area available on request.)



Your version is as valid as mine and should be developed if you have the time. The "Green Man Effect" is an interaction between the human and elemental states of being. If a human focuses on a tree, water, fire, et al (the main elements are more effective for interaction) then the elementals will respond by forming a mutual thought-form that the human (and elemental) mutually relate to and the human sees it (most often) as a face in vegetation... trees are the most sensitive to the human foci. The face/head is also a critical energetic and consciousness dynamic... "Resh" (Chief Head Stone) situations. However this same dynamic occurs in large areas where all three realms (angelic, human, devic) are involved. We will see images in landscapes including roads and buildings. Three very important examples are Mary Caine's Glastonbury Zodiac, Elizabeth Van Buren's Rennes le Chateau Zodiac, and Tom Graham's horse and rider (Time Gate/Pillar) at Edinburgh.

Since you are closely attuned to these sites as well as the larger UK/European grids your finding one in the "City of the Risen" area of the Bakhira Grid (re the Westford Knight and Sinclair 1398 mission to the Americas) would represent a right forebrain (Europe) to right brain (Americas) in the Bakhira or Metatronic state of being. I do the same thing in reverse from the US to Europe/UK.

Your seeing the object being carried as a skull and/or head, my seeing it as a new child, are connected with the New Race/DNA as working via the Chief Head Stone (symbols: decapitated Head, the skull being the same but relating to this Continuum reality, created to form the New Race/DNA). The Lion connection, in THAT context relates to Leo and Mazuriel as the power, function within Leo. The Lion relates to the Edinburgh Pole and the Child to the Glastonbury Zodiac: http://www.shameer-orion.org/pdf/GridGlastonNoachOrion01.pdf note the Glastonbury Child in Noach's Ark. There is a vital Templar mystery involved and one that is timely as of this last month and the Rosslyn Heart-Stone direct line to the Hawaiian Roil/Royale pole on 21 June.

TEMPLAR HEAD AND NUMBER "1058": I've commented before on this number carved on a silver woman's head. I've also seen the number on the physical full moon as a vision in the physical, it stayed very stable for about 15 minutes. Earlier I saw the woman's head on a non-physical full moon; this was a part of a "Dweller on the Threshold" (Lillith) function... this sometimes kills people, it almost did me. Usually the DotT event is intense but not that much; also it can last centuries if large units of the World Soul are involved... same event but different levels. A male and female moon are involved in the physical as well as non-physical. The "58" spells Noach in one direction and Chen (Grace) in the other but all 3 chen-forms are implied. (NOACH and NOT "Noah") Gen 9:11-29 is critical to Templar knowledge and function but it has to be translated and the metaphysical meanings used.

We are presently (our Crestone group and Carol's Ark work included, in Wyoming) involved in finding Noah and the Ark/Arc involved in advanced Ark work and systems. Apparently the Sinclair Templars knew this, that we are presently rediscovering and being told about, but probably upgraded. The "ARC in the CLOUD" is basicaly the Cloud as formed with the Ark and the Arc within it is the Nuur (Bethlehem) angle cup or arc as used in the Reshel and presumably in the Sinclair Arms/Shield.

There are perhaps 3 dozen major vectors coming into focus within the past month or two. Many involving the Ark(s) dynamic replacing the Ark of the Covenant. I feel that the RAM-AH dynamic is acting as a crop formation would but is larger and probably more important in the larger perspective. This is also judging by the various leys coming through that area... there are probably more, I just looked at some obvious ones. These inputs are ostensibly going to also emerge in the July- Sept. workshops in the East Coast, including the Longest Walk completion, as part of a much larger World Soul repolarization and expansion. (I noted the events touching on the Sinclair 1398 mission in different ways.)




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