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Regarding the Templars and the islands. My contention is that the Templars' fleet was the major part of their mission and empowerment, for a couple of reasons. Their sea bases would be the interface points between the land and sea interests: Rochelle, Edinburgh, London, Isle of Wight, Isle of Mann, Orkney, Bergen, Gibraltar, Malta, and a dozen others. However some of the sea bases would have been on the Holy Islands, more for their pivotal spiritual power holding the Sea-Net or "Mar(ii)" (Time Continuum) together and providing control links: Canna, Iona/Staffa/Mull, Barra, Eynhallow, Lindisfarne, etc. however the temples on those would have been paramont ...albeit needing a castle, sometimes combined as with Mont St Michel in France, the most important of all due to its grid function as Denebola (Mazuriel) re the Virgo grid keyed by Chartres. Since their two main areas of operation (land/sea) required mastery and application of relevant spiritual dynamics on a World scale the European and Mideast (forebrain areas) required efficient temple grids... thus the need for trucking on over to Jerusalem, Sinai, as well as training a competent bunch of stone/glass workers proficient in spiritual alchemy capable of building the Marian/Virgo Grids (including the cathedrals).

Certainly the land grids (including commerce applications) were extremely important but there are two areas of application, both apexed (as in a triangle) by spiritual dynamics. The Alikar Grid (Barbury Castle crop formation)... recently upgraded... is an excellent model.


Alikar grid; the use of the new 10 L-Gate spiral upgrade to Glastonbury is still a theory.

For a few minutes set aside what you know about the Poor Knights of Christ (of the Solomon Temple) and consider a wider perspective not in written history. In my view there is a more profound Warrior-Priest mission extending back thousands of years, the operative group called the "Elisaphane Priest(ess)hood." The model is the Ennead: 5 men for male polar function and 4 women for female generation... this involves spiritual dynamics found in the Solomon Temple/Ark formats (managed by the 24 Metatronic systems, the Reshel being our focus, with Time Gates). This whole system is now being expanded and upgraded, still in the wider Templar/Mason action line (but obviously not in their extent organizational awareness). There is a very complex science involved in this ("Elisaphane Exchange" or "Abacus-Maximus" generated by the Michael Mandate... if you wish to wade through all of that you'd begin with studying the Reshel Metatronic system.)


1. TEMPLAR MAIN MISSION: - To establish consciousness and energetic systems in both Europe and Mideast, later the Americas, that would support a state of being in the collective Gaia/Racial Mind/Soul (World Soul). That state of being is directly involved with the creation (over a very long time) of a new form of human race/DNA that more efficiently unifies the 3 realms: angelic, human, devic. The Templars/Masons had to operate in the 3 realms using ACCURATE communications with the higher levels of those realms. (The higher human level involves what current mystics call the "Ascended Masters", Thoth Raismes (ie "Thoth Hermes") being a primary overseer. The higher angelic level usually involves Michael as primary interface with higher networks including Metatron and the Serraphic "Ennead" group. The higher devic level is in the Tuatha da Dannan bunch... hybrid human-sidhe state and focus of Rosslyn.) (2) To operate Light groups using the planetary facilities, that could coordinate with other similar groups across Time (on the primary project, above) and positioned in the 3 Realms, including agencies not in Time but in nonlinear Time. This demanded top-secret close-hold discipline, nothing written but coded in scripture and using Judeo-Christian formats synergically unified with the higher Islamic and Celtic. This included Zarathustrian, Dionysian formats as well as others using advanced systems linking into the distant past and future, at a Metatronic level however.

In the Alikar Grid model the "Mission" would be encoded in the central 3 spheres of the grid. These have direct access to the 3 poles of the triangle (uses the Reshel grid and is a major grid in England... used throughout Europe, etc.in temples and Earth grids). However the 3 poles also relate to each other as a basic 3-point grid: apex is both right/left brain; SE corner is the right brain function, SW corner is the left brain function. This should be seen as a 6-point star or "Key of David." The central spheres have cube-star tetras in them and are described here:


The 3 spheres can be correlated with the 3 versions of our Time continuum: past, present, future. Although this is one continuum reality it is conveniently divided into a triune synergism due to being in a form of "parallel" continuum (this "present" one) that is relatively temporary and does not exist in "real" Time... the symbol of the two knights on one Horse (relate the horse to the Metatronic Time matrix using that symbol.

2. RIGHT BRAIN SUBJECTIVE FUNCTION: CODING (INSEMINATION) SE MALE POLE (in triangle).- This area of operations would relate to mastery of the seas. Economically the sea lanes would have moved more cargo (wealth) than land routes, volume wise. Loss of the sea would have virtually stopped land commerce of any note. Also provided faster communications short of telepathy (main comm technique). However, using the J-C codes (protosiniatic Hebrew alphabet) the sea or "Mar" relates to a "Time Continuum" (in the original ancient language preceding present languages). This coding is also relevant in the Noach's Ark formats and the Templar use of the number code: 1058, carved on a silver woman's head (resh) found in Paris. The letter Mem (#40) in Hebrew relates to the "Seas of Time" with two symbols: Urine (fallen continuum), semen (living waters, real Time). A large subject.

Briefly: mastering Time requires the ability to move outside of the Temporal state... no mystery, a basic mystic process. This moves into a causal realm, a nonpolarized reality frame. Water (the "lin/linne/lyn" in Roslin) holds thought-forms and is nonpolarized but is the basis of Time since Time is mostly a mental thought/memory state. All this is straightforward, well known in all spiritual systems/religions. The difference is in just what one DOES with that. That problem is too large for physical humans, it requires a team of 3-Realm agencies working together synergically. Grids manage and ground the resulting actions exactly as the Crop Formations insert and load "X-Grams" or large, extremely complex spiritual software programs into the World Soul through simple physical systems: henges, temples, mountains organized in consciousness-frames. The Templars/Masons installed the systems capable of making the synaptic interface.

In the Alikar Grid triangle this is the right-brain SE corner we see as a ratcheted spiral. The 6 "ratchets" are L-Gates: golden ratio rhombus gate/pillar systems. (The "L" or letter Gamel/camel in Hebrew is the archetypal gate/pillar and I strongly suggest that this is the letter "G" (Gamel) in the Masonic logo: literally the Head Stone (Resh) that becomes the Corner (Gamel) or "L." (Ps 118:19-23) The spiral follows a conic form, probably using the Golden Ratio. The L in the spiral translates codes between levels in the cone or "Tele-disks": ie specific programs inserted into Time. These act on the SW point, left brain, to condition and organize the objective form being created. The UK grid puts Glastonbury there with Stonehenge in the central "Shiyn" pole (refer Reshel system dynamics).

In Short: Mastery of the Seas means that the Templars could read the Akashic Records and navigate at sea psychically (ley lines are visual, communication with cetaceans normal, light pillars mark energy nodes including desired points for navigation, etc.). However the more important aspect of this is the ability to move through Time into the REAL continua: Past and Future beyond this fallen continuum, thus being useful participants in reshaping history (past and future) and getting on with the real work of creating a New Race with a different kind of the normal 12-strand DNA molecule. This function shaped the formation, location and nature of the Sea Temples or bases. Henry Sinclair's link with Ruta at 49N, 29W on his Atlantic Transit was an amazing example of this Sea function and state with impact on the creation of new nations, cultures, et al moving into the PRESENT Ascension phase.

3. LEFT BRAIN OBJECTIVE FUNCTION: GENERATION OF FORM, SE FEMALE POLE:- Mother Earth" is experienced on land, with the realization of how water relates. Where water takes form its the female generation response to the male coding interchange however the "human" citizens of the sea are the Cetaceans and 13th zodiacal function that CHANGES sea and earth codes from a former 12-system to a new 12-system. In this way the male instructional codes provide the female with her blueprints for the new creation, HER form and function: conception, gestation, birth, nurturing and release for recycling. This explains much of the Templar's great focus on female grids... ALL grids are female... however the grids respond to the inseminating flow of constantly upgraded information.

In the Alikar Grid the SW corner is Glastonbury. It has two primary systems: (1) the Mary Caine ZODIAC, its zodiacal temple; and (2) a large KYOPTOS RING or Heliotropic sun-tracking spinner which also uses the Parhelion dynamic. (The same found so dramatically at Rosslyn.) This ring contains the whole Zodiacal system; its formed by the Anubis or the "Girt dog" in the Caine zodiac. The Anubis walks CW around the Tor and "strobes" on those points it wishes to establish a pole... basically 12 of them but this is flexible. The "Kyoptos" is an ancient science; Thoth uses the reference:

(Thoth/Maia): "The guardians of the Templa Mar are called the 'Kyoptos.' These are the beings that hold the Stations of Anubis, once a mystery school focus unto themselves, but now which exist solely within the etheric. The Kyoptos are Preparers of the Way for those who enter the Underworld, or inner dimensions of time-space. They are currently integrating with earth-devic consciousness as wolves and sometimes coyotes and foxes, but to the Egyptians they were jackals, and associated with Sirius. The Kyoptos do not have any understanding of indecision, fear, and lesser ego. They know only the passage of wisdom through knowledge of truth. Thus, those who would choose to interact with the Kyoptos should be sure they truly desire, and are ready to receive, that which they ask of them.

"As a mystery school focus, the Stations of Anubis were created by Thoth in his incarnation as Raismes of Aphra. Anubis was in fact created from an aspect of the 'Sahu' energy body of Thoth. If you will remember, Thoth is the master architect of the Templa Mar as well, thus it becomes apparent that the Kyoptos/Anubis/Templa Mar dynamic is an extension of his being par excellence.”

The male 6-L organizes the 12-point Zodiac into a 6-fold expansion as the ROSE MYSTICA of 72 poles or "petals." This would also created the same in the Kyoptos Ring or Sun Wheel. This harmonic would pick up the apex of the Alikar triangle, via the SE right brain link: that is the 13-ring, 6 spiral wheel of all the CENTRAL SUNS were Mazuriel is the Central Sun of all Central Suns (Sacred Heart: Manifest). (Alcyone in the Pleiades is our Central Sun.) The formation is the Heart and Core of the HELIO-MAR solar creation continuum related to the human SOLARIANS working with the Templars.

http://www.spiritmythos.org/misc/defs/rose-mystica.html Rose Mystica noted.
http://www.spiritmythos.org/misc/defs/solarius.htm Solarians described.

Recently the 10-ring, 10 L-gate spiral system augmented the former 6-L spiral. At this time I think that the 3 spheres are the 3 Time continua and the 10 rings represent the 10 Sephiroth in the Kabalist Tree of Life. This appears to be a preamble to the formation of a new link using the Alton Barnes White Horse (Time Gate Matrix) activated by the 888 Crop Formation on the 8th, coinciding with the opening of the Olympics. The new system links directly with the Tor and links into the Alikar grid in the "Chamber of the Son/Daughter."

SUMMARY COMMENT: The Templar activities on Land (temples, earth grids) supported by their radical economic and political changes provided methods for large masses of people to be influenced by the grids and for the Oceans' nonpolarized codes to become actively manifested through appropriate state of being and Consciousness emanating from the Ocean centers. This is an explanation why Buddhist temples always are in sight of bodies of water and why a "Destiny Stone" used as a throne at a Coronation is next to a pool of water. The "node" that transmits the codes to Land receptors is characteristically a Herm (square) Tower on a hill in the sea.

The Tor is/was such a node surrounded by water and 7 islands with Grail King schools on each. This is an example of an island matrix forming one male pole. The 7 (female number of wholeness) islands each had a specialized Grail King school, each having a specialized Grail. The 8th (male pole re the "7", Sheeba number) is the original Grail in the Tor. The 7 represented Ursa Major: the Cup emptying 3 drops (name "Druidh" derives) on the Heel Stone. The Tor is Polaris or "North Gate" in that system. (At this time the 8 grails are interred in the Tor; this is critical in forming the UK Grail matrix with Edinburgh/Rosslyn and Anglesey.)

Much is skipped over with the simplification but I'm not trying to prove anything. You note how many Templar sites of importance are on islands: re the Henry Sinclair mission: Block, Long, Newport islands, Nova Scotia (including Block Island), and most importantly the Holy Isle of Ruta. The "Temples of the Emerald Mar" or "Templa Mar" relate where the Emerald Sea/Mar is a major Time continuum having the network of Ascension Temples. This is quite obviously the main "Temple" interest of the Templars. (The Solomon Temple with Ark correlates with Noah’s Ark, not the same thing but in the same process.)

Bill Buehler



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