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Ramah Angel

The Ramah Angel .
While looking at the local map a figure can be seen in the landscape. Image has a crown and looks to be holding, with an outstretched arm /wing a skull or head….which is looking back.

The skull even has a hill at the eye point which I have marked.

‘Angel’ has a crown of sorts and flowing locks of hair seen as ridge lines on map , nose of image looks quite feline …..the curves lower down suggest a possible female shape.

Radia tower / Antenna hill centre looks like the chakra point of the figure / image.
The reservoirs and water features also feel are involved , the lower left reservoir marked as Pascado reservoir originating / giving birth to / manifesting the image.

Angel and the Geometry – The head itself fits well in the penta system running with the penta lines as does the wings /arms.Large outer circle passes through the outstretched skull’s nose , which also is a point of the yellow hex.

Enjoy the graphics…they are only food for thought. Someone else may see other things in the landscape but the correlation with the figure and the centre itself along with the geometry gives an insight into the playful mind of the architect….sometimes I’m convinced it has a sense of humour by allowing the names to manifest to help reveal the message of the landscape.

Radia tower is just about the perfect name for a tower at the centre of a geometric system.

Wiltshire geometry had a hill called ‘clock mount’ on one of the points of a twelve pointed star clock.

A real dance with spirit is possible through the study of landscape geometry …for those with eyes to see .

All we have to do is turn the television off and put our mind in a different space...to truly see the magic that manifests around us.



Dare you wear awearness?



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