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Isle of Man Consciousness Grid,

What initially attracted me to study the Isle Of Man grid was a measure discovered while using Google earth relating to its length…..30 .9 miles, which equalled 6 5.15 mile diameter circles, or 3 10.3 circles.

It was too tempting I had to look deeper….What developed rewarded my curiosity.

There are many interesting features on the Isle of Man not found on other systems…ship burials being one. The high amount of noticeable land features and numerous churches, a high proportion of which are involved in the geometry, gave me plenty to work with .

Once the initial axis direction had been obtained I could then start to look deeper as to how the grid formed.

The main centre axis running the length of the island came out at the NE …’ Point of Ayre’ which also has a lighthouse, coming in to the centre of the island it hits Sulby reservoir a notable water feature, druid dale, a hill with a hut circle near its peak… through another noticeable hill called ‘Colden’, through another land feature called Slieau Ruy, onto a church then another large hill, earthwork, then Ballabeg station, narrowly misses an ancient fort before exiting at the opposite coast.

The axis running the other way starts at Bilbaloe Beg which is a major point having a mass of lines converging there tumuli /earthworks can also be seen nearby. The centre itself on the OS map looks to be a low point with ridge/contour lines emanating all around it….to stand here would mean being surrounded by major land features.

Further study of the Os map showed it to be unlike any other point on the island, sitting at the base of several surrounding hills.

Two large extended pentas sit either end of the system. Sulby reservoir sits at the crotch point of the northern penta.

The large circle at the northern end running with the axis has 3 high points in succession following the curve of the circle

From the cathedral at Peel over to Douglas the line has 5 churches on it. The smallest internal hex star has 10 natural hill formations on its main construction lines, a lot for an area just over five miles across.

I did extend the main axis alignment running the length of the island wondering if it was aligned to anything major on the Uk mainland.I was not to be disappointed …main axis aligns with Berwick Law near the coast ….SE of Edinburgh.

Going the other way saw it clip the SE corner of Ireland, a notable land extreme point.

Berwick Law has been mentioned before on Templar Mechanics. Jeff Nisbet’s ‘Myphomorph’ site has lots of information on Berwick Law. Jeff discovered an Orion star constellation on the ground with the layout of the islands near to the famous ‘mound enigma’ known as Berwick Law, which incidentally is the same height as the Great Pyramid …Make of that what you will.

Notable Templar commanderie locations were also involved in the Orion depiction….one being at Torphichen which became the position for the star Sirius.

Cut and paste link to Jeff’s site can be found below




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