Synchronicity & Coincidence


An Austrian biologist, Paul Kammerer once said that coincidences are manifestations of a much larger cosmic unity, a force as powerful as gravity, but which acts selectively, bringing things together by affinity. We only notice the peaks which are like ripples on a pond.

Some think a higher intelligence or consciousness is orchestrating our lives, a psycho magnetic field……..or maybe parallel universes operating in different dimensions to ours.

All these things are easy to say, difficult to prove and hard to understand.

From personal experience I have become aware the more relaxed you are about life, the more life shows you through synchronicity and coincidence.

Life becomes fun, a ride rather than a slog.

It’s during silence that you get answers downloaded that do not have to be proven.

A sudden flash of inspiration!

You just suddenly know.

Much comes to us in the dream state, but on waking we forget.

The more enlightened aspects of the science community who are embracing quantum physics are aware everything is interconnected and we attract through sympathetic resonance our experience.

Coincidences grab at the heart….people are touched by them.

Research has shown that people who are relaxed and at ease with life notice, or are aware, of coincidence to a greater degree….every time it happens they have a feeling of a cosmic YES!!!

Every coincidence they experience, even the minor ones ….confirms their optimism.

If nothing else, coincidence and synchronicity nudges us about the fun life can be.

Remember that when you bump into your old primary school friend in a chance meeting on the other side of the world….it does happen.



Dare you wear awearness?

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