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Ashby Hall Geometry

I decided to look again at the O.S map as I had a feeling the Ashby Hall area would figure in the geometry somewhere with all its historical links and involvement with Temple Bruer and the surrounding area.

I was not to be disappointed.

I was open to the possibility of their being something to find…..this is the key to this kind of research. Pushing back the boundaries of thought …to see with fresh eyes.

This method is heresy for most scholars….Most people become agitated when faced with something they don’t understand, or can’t place in one of mainstream society’s already predetermined boxes or categories.

Templar mechanics goes along with the theory that we live in a holographic universe, and that everything is interconnected.

Time itself is MAYBE not linear with a journey from point A (the past) to point B (the future)…but vertical. In other words everything is happening in the same NOW,……past, present and future.

To approach the subject matter of Templar Mechanics with this theory opens up many new and interesting avenues of enquiry/thought. This IDEA also makes the theme of mechanics a lot more digestible without leading to mental indigestion ….something that usually occurs when someone’s view of reality is being nudged/threatened .

“ They that approve a private opinion call it opinion….but they that disagree heresy…. Yet heresy is no more than private opinion”
Thomas Hobbes

With this idea we can consider that maybe the past present and the future are all interlinked, interconnected as are the places ,people and characters.


Originally it was William d’Eschebi (Ashby) who gave the Templars the land on the Lincolnshire Heath …so they could create their settlement, Temple Bruer.

William then being accepted/welcomed into the order soon after.

Ashby 800 years later still has a templar connection/influence.

It’s new owner, Eran Bauer KTJ, took up residence in the grand hall at Ashby, and earlier this year was accepted into the Knights Templar order and had a full initiation in Lincoln Cathedral on July 1st ( pagan date) and another smaller ceremony at Rowston church…..which also has Templar connections to the old Templar estate.

When looking into the geometry for the Ashby area I found some interesting coincidences.


OS. MAP 272 1:25OOO

Draw a line from the top of the pentacle at Harmston church to Rowston church where the ceremony was held. The line hits the Vesica Piscis north circle perfectly on the tangent.

Taking another line from Rowston church to the Leadenham church of Royal astrologer and initiate John Dee, sees the line brushing the base of the Seal of Solomon geometry that contains the area of Temple Bruer Hamlet, the six points of the seal created by local church/ley convergence points….see map TB1.

Draw another line from the top of the pentacle again at Harmston church to Digby church. The line not only hits the Vesica Piscis south circle perfectly again on the tangent, but also touches perfectly the left arm of the pentacle at Green man wood.

If we now take a line from Digby church and follow it through Ashby Hall it goes through Wellingore church and onto Carlton le Moorland church which then links back to Blankney via Green Man wood, left arm of pentacle…. creating the pentacle shoulder line.

If we then draw a line connecting the bottom two pentacle legs we see it goes straight to the site of Ashby Hall.

Where the Rowston church/Leadenham church line and the Digby/Welligore /Carlton le Moorland church lines cross is where you will find the Ashby Hall site with all its previous Knights Templar connections and the current residence of East England Preceptor of the Knights Templar.

How incredible……synchronicity / coincidence?.......or is the past ,present and future all happening in the same NOW.

Maybe characters involved in the past reincarnate again at a different point in the future while the past is still happening, If that’s the case then maybe there are many aspects of ourselves involved in different parts of the eternal vertical time line all happening.. NOW !

Some MAY consider this to be the oversoul or tree of which we are just an offshoot from a branch. An eye on the end of a finger having a 3D experience that only the tree /oversoul can understand as to the point of it all.

Maybe we meet the same souls and interact with the same people and places over different incarnations…this idea would certainly explain the above. There is no rational explanation for the association of the geometry to the places ,repeating themes and Templar characters involved…… apart from it being ‘just a coincidence’.

And that’s what most will say …..Because it’s the easy opt out to explain it away.

Someone once compared the human condition to that of a blindfolded man in a dark room looking for a black hat that isn’t there….;-)

That’s a great analogy ….and sums up our plight.

We are only ‘getting’ 5% or less of what is going on around us through the limited 5 senses, 95% or more we are ‘not getting’.

If I passed to someone 5% percent of a jigsaw puzzle and ask them to describe what they thought the whole picture was from the few pieces in their hand, they would probably find it hard….yet that is the human condition/situation as we ponder the bigger picture.


Life is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.



Dare you wear awearness?

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