Temple Bruer

The 18 Churches In Alignment.

Local church alignments …………………………………….OS 272 1:25000

TB 4 on the map page shows 18 church sites locally aligned through Temple Bruer’s church.

Harmston Church - TB Church - Cranwell Church

Navenby Church - TB Church - LeasinghamChurch

Aubourn Church - TB Church - Roxholm Church

Haddington Church - TB Church - Evedon Church

Bassingham Church - TB Church - Ruskington Church

Welbourn Church - TB Church - Ashby Church

Stragglethorpe Church - TB Church - Rowston Church

Leadenham Church - TB Church - RAF Digby Chapel

Hough on the Hill Church - TB Church - Blankney Church

You have probably noticed RAF Digby Chapel in the list, this surprised me as well but still made an alignment through TB church to Leadenham Church…..so included it in the article…..maybe its just one of those coincidences ;-)

There is no record to say what was at the Digby Chapel site before the RAF took it over.

There may well have been a standing cross or a stone.

IF NOT- Then the placing of the chapel at RAF Digby would suggest that whatever intelligence is behind the geometric layout of the sites, it APPEARS to be ongoing as RAF Digby is relatively recent.

The intro pages on Templar Mechanics suggests that this is indeed ongoing and orchestrated by an intelligence beyond our understanding ,which is looking in……..’The Architect ‘or ‘All seeing eye’.

One other thing about RAF Digby I noticed on the maps…. were the radar dish locations.

As I drew the South Vesica Piscis Circle, confirmed by the churches on the circumference, I noticed the line passing through the radar dish locations at Digby perfectly.

They even follow the curve of the circle!!

More mystery.

The centre point for drawing the South Vesica Piscis circle is …Temple Bruer Church

See MAP TB 2, TB3.

TM .



Dare you wear awearness?



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