Temple Rockley/Avebury

TR 3 - Inner sanctum.

TR3 shows more detail of the the central area around Rockley. The local landscape features and trackways were so ‘in tune’ with the geometry, taken from the OS 1:50000 scale map ,that this graphic was produced .

It appears that the old footpaths and tracks are heading to the area around Temple Bottom, the centre of the geometry. Looking at the equilateral triangle we can see the Wessex ridge way coming through the Western Avebury point and exiting at the Eastern Rough down/Marlborough point.

Both footpaths run centrally along each petal from either side before making more dramatic turns as they enter the South pointing ‘petal’..and move towards Temple Bottom.

The other ancient footpath /ancient track from the Rough Down / South East petal actually goes with the curve of the geometry before splitting off to go North, another track then continues along the petal edge all the way to Rockley village.

Hackpen hill runs with the West side of the triangle, the footpath/road near the white horse makes two sharp turns where the ridge/geometry line runs through it. Suggesting that the geometry affects the run of the land and with it changes in road directions. I have also found instances where the road will suddenly change direction as a line passes through/over it.

On the circles edge we have Uffcott Down, Barbury Castle, Ogbourne Down, Rough Down, West Overton church, Avebury circle, Winterbourne Monkton church, Richardsons village.

I have marked with dots the general location of the odd, large... ‘Naturally occurring sarsen stones’ that litter the fields around the geometry centre at Rockley and the fields to the South towards Fyfield Down. Once again its worth stating everything is vibrating energy, and the geometry is an energy grid overlaid that affects the physical manifestations on the ground…everything from roads, run of hills, streams, rivers and the man made additions…..the big questions is…

What intelligence is behind the geometry?...It certainly doesn’t appear chaotic or random …but structured to a mathematical/geometric pattern…like the snow flake.

I am not saying the people that settled here were aware of the geometry, and I am not saying they weren’t…Ultimately energy decides what will manifest and therefore the grid that overlays the area will effect the energy and as such the manifestations, natural and man made.

What came first?, …..does the energy create the grid,…or does the grid create the energy.

Ultimately it’s the old ‘chicken and egg’ question we are left with.

Personally I think consciousness grids underpin the whole 3d reality and with it what will manifest, both natural and man made within them.



Dare you wear awearness?



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