Temple Sowerby

Temple Sowerby 5.15 Geometry

A recent visit to the Lake District meant driving through a little village called Temple Sowerby, on the A66. Having just completed the Lincs grid system which was based around a standard circular measure of 10,000 megalithic yards, or 5.15 miles, I pondered the idea that maybe Temple Sowerby was an old Templar settlement and that maybe the same measure could be found locally within the natural and man made features…….intuition once again led the way.

Further research confirmed a Templar presence in the Sowerby area.

S.E circle .

Looking at the graphic, Temple Sowerby sits on the edge of the S.E circle……The church at Townhead also sits on the same circle , which incidentally contains a Templar effigy found locally…well worth a visit if you're passing.

Points of interest found interacting with the geometry.

Temple Sowerby church
Henge x 3
Penrith castle
Penrith church
Beacon Hill- high point
Plumpton church
Countess Pillar
Roman fort
Lazonby church
Gamblesby church
Great Salkheld church x 2
Townhead church
Ancient settlement
Standing stones
Skirwith Abbey
Skirwith church

The henges involved include ‘Long Meg and her daughters’ towards the North of the graphic.

The ‘Countess Pillar’ on the roadside edge of the A66 is also a fascinating point, with an interesting story attached. The Countess pillar sits on the diagonal axis along with a Peel, and the standing stones …in the SW corner.

Worth noting the sudden change in the course of the R.Eden as it reaches the centre point near Langwathby…..suggesting once again that the grid /geometry affects natural as well as man made features.

The Isle of Mull graphic, currently being prepared, also has a 90 degree turn at its centre, following the geometry. As does the river/estuary on the Kings Lynn graphic…making a 120 degree turn in a hexagonal system.


The A 6, marked in orange, follows the outer edge of the geometry, where the main road junction/ roundabout comes across from the M6 hitting perfectly where the circle meets the main line from Penrith Castle to the Roman fort at the N.W corner.


River Eden enters at the top of a ‘vesica’/meeting of two circles…and exits the S.E circles from again the meeting of two circles .

Eden Holiday village.

Interesting position for a site of high human emotion, drama and excitement.



Dare you wear awearness?



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