Temple Bruer

Bruer Preceptory

Preceptory tower 13th century.

Second richest preceptory in England.

First excavated in 1833… by Rev G. Oliver of Scopwick then again by St John Hope, Esq. M.A. in 1908.

Excavations St John Hope 1907 discovered round temple 50 ft in diameter

Following the order’s suppression in 1312 the preceptory passed to the knights hospitallers and was re- established as a commandery of that order before its final dissolution in 1540 -1

Preceptory tower restored in the early 20th century and again in 1961.

Pyramidal roof is believed to be Edwardian and created the same time as the steps by Henry Chaplain MP of Blankney who seems to pop up everywhere.

It’s pyramidal design coincidentally when viewed from the vortex point of the geometry looks like a pyramid sat on the rising mound between the church and the preceptory…very Masonic….in a strange way it makes you wonder if this is how its meant to look from that position today, other areas for viewing not having this effect.

This is not the original roof design or height of the tower, …but still causes an interesting effect none the less.

Built around the design of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which itself was built on a traditional pattern of a Roman temple.

Many templar churches are round, both here and in Europe, some say this is to do with the order worshipping the sacred feminine….although it could as well be their prior knowledge of geometry, and how it affects the flow of energy in certain ways.

Not much is known about Temple Bruer ‘s early days but generally it’s thought to have been founded in the reign of Henry II by William of Ashby ( de la launde) who was admitted soon afterwards into the order.

Ashby de la launde is on the circumference of the circle geometry creating the Vesica Piscis.

Temple Bruer also became the headquarters for other land rented out to tenants…this stretched out to Carlton le Moorland ( geometry site), Grantham and Ingoldby to the South.

These templar sites were said to be ‘extra – parochial places’….down to the end of the last century being outside the normal system of local church administrations.

Interesting again the other areas away from Temple Bruer that were also extra –parochial.

There are other sources that say the templar’s under torture in the tower of London admitted to worshipping 4 idols. One was said to be kept at the Temple in London and another at Temple Bruer……….this may or may not be true…I’m sure many things were said under torture .

Meetings of the masters of other English preceptories were held at Temple Bruer along with initiations. If this is the case an idol may well have been kept at Temple Bruer due to the sites importance as a meeting place, along with its vast wealth compared to other preceptories .

Once again , do your own research /thinking…….all this is only food for thought , I wasn’t there 800 years ago and neither were the ‘experts’.

All dates and stories can change as they are re- recorded again and again…..bit like Chinese whispers….they can end up being very different to the original recording.

But what’s still there today untouched, pristine and timeless……is the geometry!!



Dare you wear awearness?



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