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Buckingham Palace Numerics

More Intrigue

Buckingham Palace holds several well known esoteric values encoded in the layout of the circular area to the front of the Palace.

I was curious as to where the 51.5 would appear...as it turned out the latitude is the key

Buckingham Palace latitude 51.30 N

51 degrees 30 minutes.

There are 60 minutes to a degree making 30 exactly half or in a decimal sense 0 .5...It could therefore be seen as 51.5

Other numerics.

The graphic shows several lines overlaid on the front area of the Palace

Blue line represents a distance measure of 666 feet

Yellow lines a distance measure of 333 feet ....666 divided by 2

Green lines a distance measure of 166.5 feet ....333 divided by 2

The purple line a figure of 108 feet

666 is associated with the solar principle or male seeding influence and the 108 with the moon/feminine principle as well as being a pentagonal value. As can be see on the graphic the Victoria memorial looks to be well placed with regard to how the measures work.

The Blue 666 line runs from the West Penta Arm point at the palace to the very outer circle edge. The first yellow 333 line also runs from the Penta arm but stops at the memorial.

The latitude for the Victoria memorial is 51.30 6.66 N


Dare you wear awearness?



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