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Westminster Penta 'Griffin Line'

Winged Griffin statue of Temple Bar aligns with Buckingham Palace Main Penta shoulder line and also the significant structures known as the ‘Aviva Building’ and the ‘The Gherkin’ situated in the financial heartland of London.

On its way its way through it hits St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank Of England.

The Griffin Statue appears to me as the balance / pivot point between the two interlocked systems.....The West circle containing the ‘Westminster Penta’ with all its Pagan alignments appears to be about administration and control. The East circle appears to have manifestations relating to Finance and Legal.

While on the subject of balance the Equinox is the celestial marker of equal light and dark .

The 'Griffin line' from the statue to 'The Gherkin' and the heart of the financial district marks another Equinox alignment

Griffin Statue - St Pauls – Bank of England - Gherkin ....Equinox sunrise

Gherkin – Bank of England – St Pauls – Griffin Statue.....Equinox sunset



Dare you wear awearness?



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