Eglinton / Glengarnock Castle Scotland


A day after posting the advert on Mechanics offering a map drawing service I was contacted by Mark Brackenridge regarding an area on the West coast of Scotland opposite the Isle of Arran.

Mark mentioned there was colourful history in the area including Templars and a tunnel legend leading away from Kilwinning Abbey. Glengarnock Castle was also said to be related somehow. I was convinced something was unfolding here so took up the quest.

I had a look at the area through Google Earth and noticed several interesting geometric shapes appearing through features on the ground, man made and natural. Although the landscape was varied the amount of churches were minimal….the lack of churches however was compensated by the abundance of castles and hill points.

I decided to measure the distance between Glengarnock Castle and Eglinton Castle……this came in at exactly 15.15 miles …very coincidental

The first step was to pencil in an axis line between the two castles ……..This brought in the following points.

Glengarnock castle
Long Hill
Brockly Hill
A Hill ridge line called David’s Hill
Bellstone Hill
Eglinton Castle
Eglinton Viewpoint

Moving my attention to the South, around Eglinton, I noticed numerous castles in the surrounding area.

Using this first line I adjusted the compass to check for circular designs off this main axis………one measure fell in, bringing together on a circles circumference :

Eglinton Castle
Clonbeith Castle
Benslie hamlet
Montgreenan church
Montgreenan Castle
Jameston hamlet
Kilwinning Abbey

Eglinton castle to Kilwinning Abbey turned out to be the six pointed seal’s circle radius distance apart.

Clonbeith Castle then became two of these distance measures from Eglinton Castle….This meant a hex arrangement was present and as such gave me the first six pointed star. Ancient Monkredding House fell on a hex line as did :

Outer ardoch
Blair Ardoch
North Fergushill

It was also interesting to see rivers weaving their way round the geometry and a railway track exiting at a seal point very similar to the Llangollen system.

Llangollen also had a river running complimentary to the geometry.

The South seal circle measure…turned out to be the 5.151 mile radius in diameter, meaning it was half a 5.151 mile circle.

I then doubled up the measure to see what would be on a 5.151 mile circle.

This brought in Monk Castle on the circumference of the new 5.151 mile circle and also Auchenharvie Castle...along with two major hills, one of which was called Castle hill.

On the North side of the 5.151 circle was a place called ‘Templandmuir Farm’ …this sat next to the main axis on the 5.151 circles edge….does this area have a Templar connection ?

Knowing how holistic proportions are always present I drew in the smaller inner circle and added the 51.51 degree pyramids to meet the larger 5.151 circle at the apex… ancient area called ‘Cleeves Cove’ sat near the main axis just to the south of Templandmuir farm. Cleeves Cove also shows a waterfall at the meeting of the two circles.

Replicating the arrangement to the North section, I noticed that if a 5.151 circle was drawn from the Hill marked David’s Hill it brushed the holistic inner circle of the south section of the system, this meant the North and South arrangement of circles merged in the area depicting the holistic proportions of Sun / Moon.

Replicating the south circles in the North part of the system, using David’s Hill on the main axis as the centre brought in the churches/chapels at Beith as well as the Churches/chapels at Dalry.

Looking deeper at the map I had a flash of a penta seeing the positions of Beith, and Dalry as complimentary to possible penta dynamics. Dalry was approximately at the mid point off the main axis connecting Eglinton Castle to Kilwinning Castle.

With 4 circles now drawn in plus a six pointed seal established around Eglinton the system was beginning to take shape.

Glengarnock Castle was now protruding beyond the North 5.151 circle…..and was looking very much like a possible extended penta arm so took an 18 degree angle off either side of the main axis (pentagonal 36 degree dynamic).This took the west line directly to Dalry church/chapel, which already sat on the inner circle of the north section of the system.

This was the first sign of penta dynamics. The next obvious step was to draw in the other East line……But where would the penta shoulder line be to create the other two arms?

With Beith church already sat on the outer 5.151 circle circumference and looking very well placed as a shoulder line, I wondered if it could be that straight forward ….surely it would be confirmed by other geometry if it was so.

My focus turned back to the David’s Hill point on the main axis ….Davids Hill…..could it be suggesting David’s Hill ?....could it be relating to a star of David centred on the hill ridge itself .....and if so what size circle would it be ?

With Davids Hill already being the centre of the 5.151 north circle I marked off the six sections around the 5.151 circles circumference to see if it related to my idea of Beith church being a penta arm point and as such denoting the main penta shoulder line…..and by doing so complete the North penta of the system.

Stepping around the circumference I marked off the six divisions to see the pen stroke through Beith church, as it continued round I noticed it marked off a point on the outer circle that was complimentary to the lower penta legs, one of which was focused into Dalry church……..All that was required was a ruler to align the North circle base penta leg points on the inner circle to the hex divisions of the outer circle.

Once the north hex/six pointed star was drawn in it could be clearly seen that the north penta shoulder line was doubling as the hex shoulder line.

The main North penta now showed some interesting features on the lines creating it…including another Castle hill, a fort and a waterfall off the West penta arm point.

Could it be something similar was going to develop in the South section around Eglinton?

I connected the Eglinton castle seal point with two lines to both base leg points of the top penta and measured the angle/break at Eglinton Castle situated on the main axis.

36 degrees again appeared….meaning the North and South pentas are interlocked.

Once again I had to discover the shoulder line point of the southern penta .

Jameston at the north seal point was looking central to everything evolving in the south regarding the penta so placed the compass point on this point and extended out to the obvious point of Eglinton Castle ……The 5.151 mile circle radius .

This had to be the next move and drew in the new circle it was then all became clear.

The new 5.151 circle crossed the southern 5.151 circle exactly in line with the southern hex / star shoulder line……….replicating the north system in design yet on a different scale…….the north six pointed star being twice the size of the southern one.

Extending this southern hex line to meet the circles where they merged through up another glaring revelation. This same point was aligning with the two penta legs in the north all I had to do was to extend them down to this point.

Grand design of intelligence in the unseen

Other interesting features:

Kilbirnie loch is touching the penta at the meeting of two main penta lines ….this point may have Golden section properties.

Worth noting the 5.151 x pi = 16.18 miles as the circumference measure…..the golden section numbers….This is why I think the 5.151 measure is important.

Several schools and an academy feature on the main axis

The rivers which I have not marked on the graphic run from the top of the system at Glengarnoch Castle weaving all the way down through the geometry to interact with several features involved in the smaller southern six pointed seal including ;

Kilwinning ,Eglinton Castle , Clonbeith castle and Montgreenan castle.

A Glen called ‘Dusk Glen’ sits just below Templandmuir farm….it looks very inviting at that point…having overtones of Rosslyn Glen.

An interesting group of roads creating geometric patterns sits on the main axis in the central area of the north penta including a crossed circle as shown in the larger dynamics.

Willoughton, Blyborough grange graphic illustrates the same effect…..microcosm /macrocosm effect…Where the design is replicated on a smaller scale ….like Russian dolls. The Blyborough graphic is a useful tool…can you see the larger image replicated in the smaller internal image?

Follow the churches.



Dare you wear awearness?

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