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3,4,5 Cornerstone

345 Cornerstone

If you’ve digested all the detail in the Bloxholm articles you are probably on overload and unable to digest much more…….surely there isn’t any more ?...Is there?

How incredible would it be to find an etched carving of the Basic seated 345 design engraved into the stonework of one of the buildings Manners was responsible for adding to the layout of the Bloxholm hamlet?

What if this stone geometric carving showed a perfect 345 triangle? And what if one of the sides of the engraving showed a metric numerical value identical to the imperial and metric unit measure being used in the main 345 triangle of the seated landscape figure and the painting ?

That unit is 166.5

With everything else about Bloxholm noted in the other TM articles can we still say we are on the ‘just coincidence’ page ?

If this supposed 345 geometric stone etching had been meticulously cut with care into the stonework for posterity surely it would be placed in a stone larger or more notable than any other nearby?.....An immovable stone…a stone that would remain as long as the building stood.

What about a major cornerstone?…A cornerstone larger than any other on the building, possibly denoting its significance....and doesn’t the cornerstone have a significant meaning within Masonic groups….Are we seeing their subtle influence again?

Incredible as it is the basic 345 layout is depicted on a main cornerstone within the village, carved deeply and with great care and accuracy into a stone larger than any other on the building….it includes a 345 triangle and has a unit measure of 166.5 mm on one side ……the long side. ….The numbers used in the imperial measure for the 666ft from the circle centre to Bloxholm Hall…Which is then replicated by the 666mm unit measure of length taken up by the picture and frame .

666 is then being used as side 4 of a 345 triangle in both the larger 345 triangle built into the design of the hall grounds….and also as side 4 of the 345 built into the Hans Holbein Jnr copy placed at the East end of Bloxholm church.

The etching in stone of the basic 345 ground geometry is also orientated in alignment with the larger 345 hamlet design…and is also situated near the main E/W equinox axis.

Heres the two images for comparison.

As for ‘ It’s just a house number’ idea ..There are a few problems.

1. It does not face the road, or the footpath where a house number would be viewed from.

2. It is excessively large.

3. Why if it was just a house number was it etched in the stone when no other house has any similar numerical detailing in the hamlet?

4. Why didn’t the owners / builders just put a number on a door, a plaque on the front wall or gate. These were workers cottages built to a budget, minimal…..no need for extravagant stone carvings, or excessive corner blocks not repeated elsewhere on the building?

5. Why is it positioned on the South wall where it is harder to discern from the road….Surely if you had taken so much time to etch this perfect design into hard stone you would want people to see it, even more so if you wanted them to know it’s a house number?

6. The design is precisely cut to show a perfect 345 triangle …with 53.13, 36.86 and 90 degree angles?

7. The image is orientated the right way to match the larger 345 layout of the seated figure …..The 345 orientated perfect East /West

8. The image is an exaggerated number 4…and for good reason…it shows us the 345 triangle in residence. ……and is also the middle value number used in the geometric formula being highlighted in the layout of the Bloxholm hamlet.

Regardless of who or what is behind the etching’s manifestation the fact it manifested speaks for itself within the greater picture and meaning of the layout of Bloxholm.



Dare you wear awearness?



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