Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

Hans Holbein Jnr Painting

The Bloxholm Painting

Hans Holbein Junior 1540

The painting situated at the East window ( Equinox Sunrise) shows the 345 triangle .

Not only that it gives the unit measure being used to decode it.

The distance between the main horizontal line going across the painting to the top of the frame is the single unit measure from which the other units work. This way of illustrating the 345 and the key that makes up the integral unit measures has been before in Egyptian illustrations


With the Bloxhom church painting holding so many clues to the larger grand design encoded in the layout of the hamlet I thought it worth measuring in the physical the picture and frame together to see if there was any further correlation with the larger hall geometry.

If so much attention to detail has been placed within the painting…surely they/it would not miss on the chance to repeat again the sacred numerical values in the composition…so lets run the numbers once again.

Placing the tape measure on the top of the frame and measuring to the base of the frame came in at 666mm………Circle centre to the hall was 666 ft.

If the picture structure was to show a 345 triangle the width of the frame would have to be 499.5 ..or 3 units which is the imperial ft measure from the circle centre of the Bloxholm estate grounds to the bent knee of the seated landscape figure.

The picture and frame is actually 495 mm…4.5 mm short of the perfect 345 triangle connecting corner to corner diagonally.

Although 4.5mm short this is due to the width of the original church window mullion / opening. To make the perfect 345 based on the maximum width available (495 mm) to the picture installer, the total height would have to have been 660 mm.

Knowing the importance of the 666 value to be highlighted I believe they let it go…and went ahead with a height of 666mm for the whole picture unit.

The 666 value is therefore the 4 unit measure of the 3,4,5 triangle encoded in both the hall grounds layout and the Manners copy of the Hans Holbein picture placed in the church.

666ft is repeated as an imperial distance measure 4 times in the 345 geometric layout of Bloxholm.

This means the 666 value is illustrated in both the 4 unit side of the 345 triangle in the landscape geometry and the picture….which in turn brings us back to a unit measure of 166.5 as 1 unit.

Later on you will see the 166.5 showing up again in another part of the village depicting a 345 triangle.

Also worth noting how the figure in red, which has the star of Isis near her foot has had her leg placed at an angle complimentary to discovering the 345 revelation within…“look, connect the corners, follow my leg”.

I found two other representations of the Hans Holbein composition and immediately noticed a change in the colours used for the Bloxholm version…….One of the characters knelt and dressed in black has been done in blue……..why?

The change of colour does accentuate the edge line, as I looked at my printed image upside down in my pile of notes I could see another image of the hall grounds in the painting. The character in the blue dress is outlining the back of the seated chair …and the curved domed ceiling in the painting could represent the layout of the southern circle in the Hall grounds the focus of the Bloxholm geometry ….. All you have to do is invert the image.

It’s interesting to see that the head of the Virgin Mary has been lowered in the Bloxholm painting to show Mary’s head on the central axis going through the circle centre…on the other versions her head is much higher up.

Did Manners arrange these details so as to match the Bloxholm arrangement?….I can’t help but ponder the possibility of the Manners family being at a church service staring forward at the image and all the while knowing what it represented….and what Bloxholm is really about.



Dare you wear awearness?



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