Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

Initial Discovery

Bloxholm – The Initial Discovery

Always best to start at the beginning …..and 2006 sees me moving to Bloxholm into a stone cottage called 3 The Row. After a dusty renovation I was able to spend more time back on my maps and the Temple Bruer geometrics. By 2006 the main Bruer pentacle was well established and invested in the ‘TM geometry bank’ as was the six pointed seal at the base of the SW penta leg centred on Bruers church.

It wasn’t long before I noticed one of the six pointed seal line passed through the house I had bought at Bloxholm and also passed through the Temple Bruer cottage I had bought in 2002 , which sat on the East seal point of the 6 pointed star, this connected Dorrington church and onto Carlton Le Moorland church which also made the E/W Bruer 5.151 penta shoulder line.

It wasn’t until a year later that I saw the seated lady in the landscape defined by the layout of the Bloxholm Hall grounds, further investigation then brought in the Manner’s family line who were owners of the Hall and remodelled the church and commissioned a painting, a copy of a Hans Holbein Jnr composition to be placed at the East (sunrise) end of the church.

The original painting is dated approximately 1540…Meyer family , Burgomaster of Basle and currently in the state museum in Dresden. The Manners family for some reason changed some details when having the Bloxholm church window copy made

How odd…….Why go to all that trouble for just a small village church ? Could it be the painting had some special ‘in house’ meaning for its owner, a select group, or somebody else.

Hans Holbein is already surrounded in intrique due to his painting ‘ The Ambassadors’ which is also said to have hidden meaning within esoteric groups and social circles connected into the Illuminati………any google search … ‘The Ambassadors, Holbein, Illuminati’ should throw up numerous references for anyone interested.

My interest though was in Bloxholm and why this painting was chosen specifically by the Manners family from BEL(Baal / sungod) Voir castle in Leicestershire.

There can be no doubt regarding the Manners family line connection to royalty ….and also esoteric groups. John Manners …The Marquis of Granby, was a full member of Francis Dashwood’s Hell Fire club which was largely based around the ancient mystery schools and the knowledge held within the libraries of Alexandria…..Pythagoras , Plato and others involved in the mystery school teachings also drew from the well of knowledge held within the Alexandria library.

Already select groups and esoteric knowledge were being linked together…..what else?

[Please check other TM articles regarding Francis Dashwood and his involvement in the Bloxholm area and his creation a few miles away …Dunston Pillar ]

Having done my own study of the infamous Les Bergers d’ Arcadia , the Pousin painting infamously linked to Rennes le Chateau, in SW france and discovered a replica of the 5.151 landscape geometry held within its design/geometric scaffolding. I wondered if a clue to any Bloxholm geometry would be hidden in the Hans Holbein painting situated in the main East Window of the Bloxholm church ….Indeed it would .

But before that, …. I was to be handed some other revelations…… I was to be shown how it all worked.

Having noted the seated figure in the landscape and its connection to Egyptian iconography it then wasn’t hard to find all the links associated with the honouring of the sacred feminine/Isis /Goddess.

The seated figure was Isis and is linked to the Christian icon revamp when she becomes the Virgin Mary…..which the Hans Holbein picture depicts….and to which the Bloxholm church is dedicated. The star of Isis is hidden in both the picture and floor design of the Bloxholm church…..having 4 depictions tiled into the floor running East /West from the central Bell Tower and along the aisle.

When I came across the ‘Baast’ article he showed the seated figure linked to Freemasonry and known as the ‘Chair of the Bride’.

………It was also linked to what the Masons called the 47th Euclid problem…and was related to the 345 Pythagorean triangle….first pointer to geometry. I already knew several Masons had been past owners of the Hall.

The 345 triangle was encoded in seated images within Egyptian Iconography…This is not surprising as other Geometry relating to Reshel Dynamics has also been discovered by the prominent researcher William Buehler, in the Dendera ceiling in Egypt ….see links page .

If the 345 triangle was represented in the seated Isis Egyptian figure it should then also be depicted in the Layout of Bloxholm Hall . With the Manners family having refurbished the church in 1825 and added some new buildings to the Hamlet these should correlate with the 345 landscape geometry and so should the Painting, if Manners was in the know?.....as these additions are his.

……..I now had to look deeper into the layout of Bloxholm village to see if there were any other clues left by Manners family..or by the Halls previous owner before Manners that being Cypriot Thornton. It’s possible the Hall layout was all Cypriot Thorntons idea, the previous owner, although I still think the Manners knew what was there as there additions are in tune with the original 345 theme…a continuation of sorts.

Of course its possible no one involved with the hall past or present set out to design the estate around any numerical values or proportions or iconography …and it just manifested that way….which is a worse case scenario for ‘concrete thinkers’ as they then have to explain the repeating numeric/geometric synchronicitites as coincidence..or deny it exists , which is frankly ridiculous……Google Earth doesn’t lie.

To dismiss any ‘self aware’ human involvement with the geometric arrangement of Bloxholm would of course bring us back to the idea of an intelligence influencing our choices, to make it manifest like it has….what is certain is that all that has manifested is not a coincidence, if its intentional it must have a purpose ….and there is no avoiding what is there, …either way it has to be explained somehow…….. bleeting ‘Coincidence!’ Is just a cop out avoiding what numerically is in our face .

No getting out of this one folks …….I’m open to any other explanation for the Bloxholm conundrum that might be forthcoming.



Dare you wear awearness?



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