Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

Introduction To A Geometric Conundrum

Bloxholm – Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle inside a 345 enigma.


I’m sure there is still much more to discover about the Pythagorean 345 geometrics and in particular its uncanny connection to the small hamlet of Bloxholm in Lincolnshire.

Even the sceptics could not dismiss the associative numeric and geometric detail that is almost beyond rational logic or human understanding……At times even I thought it beyond belief …..But only limited human belief….With its endless reality check filters that we all haul behind us like an albatross….weighing us down, drowning our natural inquisitive nature.

Free your mind of limitation, remove the standard logic filters, and adjust your mental firewall settings to accept new data….Then sit back and see what the Universe delivers to your mental inbox.

Look with fresh eyes and say what you see……And the Truth Shall Set You Free.

For the Architect of creation playing hide and seek with itself I’m sure its having a right good laugh observing me trying to peek behind the curtain to get a glimpse of the puppeteer running the show. I can barely catch my breath before I’m shown something else….I’m following the line of corn back to the Architect’s hen house….24 crt gold life experience while dancing in the magic of acknowledgement through serendipity….The medium of reply from the Universe itself of something being so.

If you want to put the Bloxholm articles all down to coincidence because its conclusion scares you then that’s your prerogative …..It does not however change a truth into an untruth ….If it was a truth all along.

A newly discovered truth has a downside for ‘concrete thinkers’ who like their information severely underpinned and reinforced in a provable 3d type way…. Whether through religious doctrine, the media, or what we call the education system … Sometimes though its just a deep seated stubborn desire to reject anything new that may shake, rattle and roll their preconceived view of reality to its foundations….History, fortunately, is littered with cavalier thinkers that were dismissed and ridiculed in their time. Often these people set the ball rolling in a new direction, their work recognised only after they had left the stage.

Change is scary to some…It’s venturing into the unknown.

The cosy familiar framework we have erected as to the way things are, means we can function within it …believing we are in control…everything is explainable there is no mystery …there is nothing we can’t rationally explain…Science has all the answers……

……even though Science says it doesn’t.

Science is ‘Best Guess’…within the ‘knowable framework’ which is continually changing…… …Only last week I read an article stating ‘They’ now think the universe 95 % bigger than previously thought…oops!

All this chopping and changing about ‘what is’ tells me we are still very much in the dark as to what is around us in the seen and in the unseen…Nothing is certain. Science is indeed in a continual ‘ Best Guess’ position…..Which ultimately gives me plenty of elbow room to serve up new theories on the bigger picture and put new balls in play….which I intend to keep doing.

A truth, is a truth…if its so, it is so…….someone saying it can’t be, because its beyond their comprehension is irrelevant. Truth doesn’t have to correlate with the five senses, the five senses can be deceived….A hypnotised person can be made to see anything if they are programmed to see it, likewise a truth can exist in the unseen.

We don’t have to see it, taste it, feel it or hear it for it to be there….We can’t see electricity but we know its there.

The Universal Architect will wink an eye and step over the ignorant …It concerns it not. The Architect is in the past the present and the future.

Templar Mechanics does not pander to the paradigm of the time. It’s existence does not rely on state funding to support the latest fashionable thinking.

Templar Mechanics is a revolution of the mind…..Another way of interpreting what’s around us…….its a view from outside the box. It’s here to shake modern belief systems back to their wobbly foundations in my quest for the ultimate truth.

The big questions…Who are we? … What are we doing here? …What’s this all about?.....The questions at the heart of the human condition for millennia, questions that raised awareness and Gnosis in many….. Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates to name but a few.

I hope the Bloxholm articles make you ponder these questions and kick starts your own journey towards the realisation of a greater truth…Whatever that may be, even if it disagrees with the various possible scenarios put forward on Templar Mechanics. Before diving into the Bloxholm articles its worth noting as to how personally I have interacted with Bloxholm before I made any geometric discoveries and connected the dots as to how it fits together.

Let the Mystery Begin.

2002, It’s the spring Equinox and I collect the keys to 5 Thompsons cottage at Temple Bruer. 4 years later I collect the keys to 3 The Row Bloxholm completely unaware the two houses are connected on the same line of the now established Bruer seal geometry. Since then I have been working within the village and know most of the villagers who are all delightful and earned their place to live in a high resonating area such as Bloxholm.

Now the 345 layout encoded in the hamlet has come into view I can see how the places I worked on are intricately involved in the 345 dynamics. This would suggest some sort of exchange is taking place between the person and the place / points involved….Bloxholm is an interactive experience…Once you come on line to its resonating wave length...as is Temple Bruer.

This is something I concur with and believe people and places are linked, past, present and future which are all interconnected. I also believe we give and take something to…. and away from everywhere we go, live and visit…..Once again fate, destiny regarding where we live, and have lived has to be considered …..I have no doubt something is certainly orchestrating my places of residence .This raises issues of freewill and whether we have any…….. Are we all on auto pilot? Unaware we are flying a predestined path?

Once the 345 discoveries at Bloxholm were made along with the Equinox connection and the painting decoded, all the other information came right on cue and only now am I in a position to make some sense of it all and put something together.


Many thanks to Harald Boehlke …His excellent book ‘ The Viking Serpent ‘ has been used as a reference for the Gematria values below relating to religious Icons . Harald’s book details his own Landscape geometry discoveries in Norway, culminating in another extended pentacle . If you are interested in the Templar Mechanics study you will love Harald’s book that has more details on the 345 trinity / triangle and also has repeating numerical values within his geometry that also appear at Bloxholm.

Viking Serpent ….ISBN 141209755

Also a special thank you to a character called ‘Baast’ from Italy, I was unable to track ‘Baast’ down for comments about his 345 research . I have used some of his discoveries in this article which I tied in with my own research.

The serendipitous repeating numeric values and sacred geometry shown in the Bloxholm geometry could never be explained rationally……..Is it the work of a greater intelligence working through the language of mathematics that exists in the unseen?

Best unbuckle your seat belt Dorothy ‘cause Kansas is going bye-bye .

Enjoy the articles


TM .

Bloxholm – The Initial Discovery

Always best to start at the beginning …..and 2006 sees me moving to Bloxholm into a stone cottage called 3 The Row. After a dusty renovation I was able to spend more time back on my maps and the Temple Bruer geometrics. By 2006 the main Bruer pentacle was well established and invested in the ‘TM geometry bank’ as was the six pointed seal at the base of the SW penta leg centred on Bruers church.

It wasn’t long before I noticed one of the six pointed seal line passed through the house I had bought at Bloxholm and also passed through the Temple Bruer cottage I had bought in 2002 , which sat on the East seal point of the 6 pointed star, this connected Dorrington church and onto Carlton Le Moorland church which also made the E/W Bruer 5.151 penta shoulder line.

It wasn’t until a year later that I saw the seated lady in the landscape defined by the layout of the Bloxholm Hall grounds, further investigation then brought in the Manner’s family line who were owners of the Hall and remodelled the church and commissioned a painting, a copy of a Hans Holbein Jnr composition to be placed at the East (sunrise) end of the church.

The original painting is dated approximately 1540…Meyer family , Burgomaster of Basle and currently in the state museum in Dresden. The Manners family for some reason changed some details when having the Bloxholm church window copy made

How odd…….Why go to all that trouble for just a small village church ? Could it be the painting had some special ‘in house’ meaning for its owner, a select group, or somebody else.

Hans Holbein is already surrounded in intrique due to his painting ‘ The Ambassadors’ which is also said to have hidden meaning within esoteric groups and social circles connected into the Illuminati………any google search … ‘The Ambassadors, Holbein, Illuminati’ should throw up numerous references for anyone interested.

My interest though was in Bloxholm and why this painting was chosen specifically by the Manners family from BEL(Baal / sungod) Voir castle in Leicestershire.

There can be no doubt regarding the Manners family line connection to royalty ….and also esoteric groups. John Manners …The Marquis of Granby, was a full member of Francis Dashwood’s Hell Fire club which was largely based around the ancient mystery schools and the knowledge held within the libraries of Alexandria…..Pythagoras , Plato and others involved in the mystery school teachings also drew from the well of knowledge held within the Alexandria library.

Already select groups and esoteric knowledge were being linked together…..what else?

[Please check other TM articles regarding Francis Dashwood and his involvement in the Bloxholm area and his creation a few miles away …Dunston Pillar ]

Having done my own study of the infamous Les Bergers d’ Arcadia , the Pousin painting infamously linked to Rennes le Chateau, in SW france and discovered a replica of the 5.151 landscape geometry held within its design/geometric scaffolding. I wondered if a clue to any Bloxholm geometry would be hidden in the Hans Holbein painting situated in the main East Window of the Bloxholm church ….Indeed it would .

But before that, …. I was to be handed some other revelations…… I was to be shown how it all worked.

Having noted the seated figure in the landscape and its connection to Egyptian iconography it then wasn’t hard to find all the links associated with the honouring of the sacred feminine/Isis /Goddess.

The seated figure was Isis and is linked to the Christian icon revamp when she becomes the Virgin Mary…..which the Hans Holbein picture depicts….and to which the Bloxholm church is dedicated. The star of Isis is hidden in both the picture and floor design of the Bloxholm church…..having 4 depictions tiled into the floor running East /West from the central Bell Tower and along the aisle.

When I came across the ‘Baast’ article he showed the seated figure linked to Freemasonry and known as the ‘Chair of the Bride’.

………It was also linked to what the Masons called the 47th Euclid problem…and was related to the 345 Pythagorean triangle….first pointer to geometry. I already knew several Masons had been past owners of the Hall.

The 345 triangle was encoded in seated images within Egyptian Iconography…This is not surprising as other Geometry relating to Reshel Dynamics has also been discovered by the prominent researcher William Buehler, in the Dendera ceiling in Egypt ….see links page .

If the 345 triangle was represented in the seated Isis Egyptian figure it should then also be depicted in the Layout of Bloxholm Hall . With the Manners family having refurbished the church in 1825 and added some new buildings to the Hamlet these should correlate with the 345 landscape geometry and so should the Painting, if Manners was in the know?.....as these additions are his.

……..I now had to look deeper into the layout of Bloxholm village to see if there were any other clues left by Manners family..or by the Halls previous owner before Manners that being Cypriot Thornton. It’s possible the Hall layout was all Cypriot Thorntons idea, the previous owner, although I still think the Manners knew what was there as there additions are in tune with the original 345 theme…a continuation of sorts.

Of course its possible no one involved with the hall past or present set out to design the estate around any numerical values or proportions or iconography …and it just manifested that way….which is a worse case scenario for ‘concrete thinkers’ as they then have to explain the repeating numeric/geometric synchronicitites as coincidence..or deny it exists , which is frankly ridiculous……Google Earth doesn’t lie.

To dismiss any ‘self aware’ human involvement with the geometric arrangement of Bloxholm would of course bring us back to the idea of an intelligence influencing our choices, to make it manifest like it has….what is certain is that all that has manifested is not a coincidence, if its intentional it must have a purpose ….and there is no avoiding what is there, …either way it has to be explained somehow…….. bleeting ‘Coincidence!’ Is just a cop out avoiding what numerically is in our face .

No getting out of this one folks …….I’m open to any other explanation for the Bloxholm conundrum that might be forthcoming.

345 at First sight.

Google Earth today makes the impossible , possible… to a degree of accuracy unknown a few years ago .

Locking onto Bloxholm hamlet with Google Earth and seeing for the first time what the unseen above sees, and knowing its there…was a real buzz.

Now if there is anything to this we should see familiar numerical values popping up in the layout of the Hamlet, we should also see designs replicated within designs…structures should also have manifested around the geometry…especially the church.

Everything in geometry begins with the circle. There is one obvious circle in the layout of the hamlet and is situated towards the South Hall entrance.

Having worked at a house near the curved south wall of the hall grounds I wondered if the circular layout of the south Hall grounds was symbolic within the overall seated figure’s design.

Taking a measurement from the circles centre, POINT E, to the current entrance of Bloxholm Hall POINT A measured 666 ft. This was also a perfect North / South line. Looking at the outstretched legs of the seated figure I could see that if the circle centre to the Hall was one line it would represent 4 units …..The outstretched legs to POINT C 3 units and from there back up to the Hall POINT A, 5 units….. I ran the numbers to find the unit measure used.

666 divided by 4 = 166.5….As the main unit measure being used. As you will see the value has been given to us in both imperial and metric systems of measure .

So if the seated lady was laid out to mirror a 345 triangle, as in the Egyptian illustrations, the circle centre to the leg / knee should measure 499.5 ft (3 units)

….and it did

Connecting the knee POINT C to the head/ Hall POINT A would then be 5 units in length …. I now had my first perfect 345 triangle. The Hall grounds now showed a 345 triangle A- C- E with a North / South ….East / West axis line centred on the circle in the Hall grounds.

I knew there would be more….and felt that familiar poke in the ribs telling me to keep going.

At this point it’s worth noting the angles involved in a 345 triangle….they are 53.13….90…and 36.87.

I extended the N/S and E/W axis lines to see if they hit any other notable landscape points….the East line hit a 90 degree bend in the road POINT H which also had another older track merging from the south, an old Roman road……..I drew in this line and checked the angle back to the hall from this East point….33 degrees …..It was then I noticed a line at 90 degrees could be taken from this line, POINT B and bring in the church on the line of another 345 triangle back to the circle centre. 345 B –A - E

So now we had two complimetary 345’s within the overall design of the Bloxholm hamlet…were there any more ?

Taking a line due south from Position B created another 345 B –G- E and also hit the Hexagonal Roundhouse , the most enigmatic building within the hamlet….which I knew would be involved….It also created another 345 E – B –L………Where the B- L line crossed the East / West axis another 345 E- G- L…not only that at point G we have 666ft to point H .....And also L – B 666ft……G – E 333 ft

Connecting POINT H to the hexagonal house POINT L followed the road line and also added a 2nd angle to POINT H ….20 .13 added to the 33 degrees meant POINT H held a corner angle of 53.13……one of the 345 angles.

It’s therefore possible there is another larger 345 working from POINT H still to be discovered.

Continuing the line from POINT H through the Hexagonal Round House saw the line meet the N / S axis line of the main South Hall approach 333ft from the circle centre giving a total value from South Hall gates POINT K to the existing Hall entrance POINT A of 999 ft.

Seated figures knee C to I 333 ft….D – I 333 Ft

Connecting C –I– K gives another 345 as does E- C – J…..and E-K-C…and C- I - E

With the axis line running due East/.West …I figured it would have an Equinox alignment through the circle centre and it did ……..continuing the East / West /Equinox line West takes it through Temple Farm at Temple Bruer where the Templar Preceptory was situated………Bruer is near enough to Bloxholm to have the same Equinox sunrise sunset times .

Equinox sunrise ….5.43 am

Equinox sunrise at Bloxholm circle centre on the March 21/22…5.43am…sunset 5.43 pm… 345 reversed…go further East or West and you wouldn’t get these numbers at sunrise and sunset on the Equinox.

Bloxholm is designed as a geometric Equinox Temple……. I dare any ‘rigid thinker’ to put their head above the parapet and offer an alternative explanation.

The sunrise time still stands at 5:43am at Temple Bruer , being only 3.33 miles West of Bloxholm…Start going a lot further East or West and the sunrise times change.

Bloxholm is therefore perfectly situated to have a 5:43am sunrise on the Equinox !.

This is a pointer to the unique significance the Bruer / Bloxholm geometric complex has in relation to numerology of the sun worship program and the 345 numeric values…In a mathematical program it can all be brought back to number….….This numeric sunrise time correlation with the geometry of Bloxholm although interesting did not surprise me as the Temple Bruer Winter solstice sunset time is 15.51 ..Numbers inherent in its own geometric mystery.

People will argue that I am using the 24 hr clock through choice.

My reply to that is….. It makes no odds…. My point with the TM web site is that there is an intelligence behind the whole reality construct…It therefore follows that it is behind everything …including the creation of the 12 and 24 hr clock….So such things as how we measure time would be controlled/created by it….As would the positioning of the time line …The Greenwich Meridian.

I’m sure its very frustrating for ‘rigid thinkers’ to hear this as it means I have a ‘get out of jail card’ …I can pin everything on the Architect,…. design ,creation and destiny…….Which unfortunately for the rigid thinkers may be the ultimate truth…if it is…it is…. I can’t help that.

[Please note the Equinox Bloxholm sunrise time of 5.43am is when the tip of the sun first breaks the horizon…At 5.43pm the evening Sun’s lower section just touches the horizon as it starts to fall. .This can be accurately determined using Google Earth.

Here’s the full Bloxholm graphic with labelled points A through to L with distance measures.


A – Hall
E – Circle centre
L – Hexagonal house
K – South Hall Entrance

345 Triangles

A - B- E
A – C -E
L –G -E
C –K -E
B - L-E
B –G -E
K –I -E
C –I -K

With the circle centre POINT E being the focal point of the geometry its fitting all the manifesting 345 triangles are connected into it with one point .


A – E 666FT
C - F 666FT
G -H 666FT
B –L 666FT
E- K 333 FT
D – J 333 FT
C- I 333 FT
E- G 333 FT

Now, as if that wasn’t enough we have more mystery and intrigue.

Seeing the importance of the numerology of Bloxholm I decided to crank up Google Earth again and run the numbers from the Bloxholm circle to known points within the Bruer Geometrics….the main ones being the Bruer church (vortex) situated at the penta base leg, the seal points and of course the Temple Farm complex holding the remains of the Templar Preceptory. ….this is how the numbers came out.

From Bloxholm circle

BLX CIRCLE – CATLEY PRIORY……………………………………….3.33 MILES
BLX CIRCLE - Dashwood Dunston Pillar……………………………… 6.18 Miles

618 Hold the golden mean numbers…it is also numerically a doubling of 3,5,4….leading to a final numeric value…….10 becomes 1 if taken to its final fadic value.

3 x 2 = 6
5 x 2 = 10
4 x 2 = 8

I have listed Catley Priory as it is also on the circumference of the circle with a radius measure of 3.33 miles from Bloxholm making the total Bloxholm circle 6.66 miles in diameter.

Haverholm Priory – Temple Bruer preceptory ……………………………..6.66 Miles

I’m sure you have noticed by now these numbers are used extensively as the imperial measurements for the layout of the Bloxholm seated lady……..quite incredible.

So what’s behind it? What does it all mean?….Who designed it?.....Questions fired at me regularly from all sides.

That of course is for you, and you alone to decide…….If nothing else the geometry seems to be hinting at an organising intelligence at work in the unseen….and is using the language of mathematics to express itself …a universal language .

If you find that hard to digest then the alternative is that it was all planned and laid out by man, over several generations across different families up to the present day….including angle and position of road junctions and merging points of tracks including roman roads….umm

Personally I think both are true to a point……Ultimately though if an overseeing Architect of creation exists it follows man is part of that creation ...and not separate from its influence…whether people from the past involved with Bloxholm were aware of that or not is irrelevant

Bible codes

When looking deeper into gematria and the Bible we can see it is a book of initiation into secret knowledge regarding numerical values disguised in the names of characters, to numbers relating to passages and chapters in the Book.

The level you read the bible at is the level you are seeing the world at.

If you want to see a wrathful overlord demanding egotistical worship you will find him in the Old Testament.

If you want to find duality with examples of right and wrong you will find that also.

If you are unable to decide what’s right and wrong yourself you can have a pre-packaged right and wrong set of rules to live by complete with dos and don’ts….Commandments.

If you want to transcend duality thinking and see the majesty in all creation without polarity glasses…. look for the numerical codes that give you clues to the construct you are working / interacting in……..Because you will find that as well.

The biblical stories always seemed far fetched for me even at an early age….It’s now I can see the point of the stories …that being to relate numerical codes to searchers of truth relating to the mathematical construct we live in and see all around us….and you have to transcend it…..in order to do that you have to first recognise and accept its there.

Best way to find your way out of a maze is to acknowledge/recognise youre in a maze to start with.

That’s the hard bit, as the truth, as far as I see it … is not very palatable to the current paradigm mindset… …..But then again the first people that suggested the world might be round instead of flat came across the same sentries at the established knowledge gates of the time……many were strung up for stating what to them was the obvious, hopefully I can avoid that fate from the Lincolnshire natives ;-)

The universal Revelation can come through several mediums all related to geometry and mathematics …study musical scales , Pythagoras again …light and colour , the natural world , plant growth patterns , the cosmos …all these will lead you back to the Architects Hen house….knocking on its door……with a board around your neck saying ..... “ See , I worked it out in the end”

Only for the Universal Architect to reply … “ But Boy did you take your time ! How many incarnations? ”

Through the medium of geometry, through natures inherent natural beauty, integral sacred proportions become evident in creation itself making the study of sacred geometry/numerology and mathematics central to the mystery schools teachings…Which I believe leads to the ultimate realisation that everything is interconnected with an intelligence behind creation expressing itself through the universal language of mathematics.

Below are some bible details holding numerical codes discovered when the gematria keys are applied.

With Gematria each Hebrew / Greek letter of the alphabet holds a numerical value , because of this each word can be brought down to a final value figure through the addition of all the letters /numbers involved in the make up of the word or phrase.

To pass on a numerical value means the word will total the value you are trying to express to the searcher/reader.

VENVS…………………………………………………. = 123
MRIM………………………….....( HEBREW MARIA) = 345
ISIS………………………………………………………= 345
MADONNA ………………………………………………= 345
MOSES……………………………………………………= 345
IHEOYE 9 ………..(GREEK FORM OF JESUS)………. = 888

Exodus 3.14 ‘and God said unto Moses… I am that I am’

MOSES = 345
I AM THAT I AM = 543

TM - Worth noting here its Exodus 3.14…..or the pi numbers….so another hint here towards the bible pointing at numerical codes..

TM - Gods numeric reflection is the mirror of Moses…..the 345 triple /trinity /triangle is then used a symbol for a god like man…….It could also mean the Christ figure is another pointer towards the greater realisation that this reality is a mathematical construct, a creation of a greater intelligence……..Moses like Jesus may not have existed and is a symbolic ‘numerical value character’ rather than an historical one. Using Gematria ‘Jesus’ pitches in with a numerical value of 888 and has been associated with this number and noted in works by other researchers …….’Christ’ pitches in with a numerical value of 1480…this gives us two sides of the 3, 4 , 5.

Jesus 888 = 3
Christ 1480 = 5

Side 4 must therefore be a word or phrase with a total value of 1184.

In the Bible a word appears repeatedly in John , EYVWKATE the verb used to describe the Alexandria sect the – Gnostics….from ginosko or knowing.

EYVWKATE = You have known, you have understood
EYVWKATE = 1184 as the Gematria value

EYVWKATE = 1184 SIDE 4 You have known, you have understood

JESUS = 888 SIDE 3
CHRIST = 1480 SIDE 5

Jesus Christ - A useful tool in getting the soul trapped in the monkey suit to find its way out of the monkey suit and connect back to the bigger picture….deconstructing the construct.

Plutarch explained that of the 345 triangle the squaring of each side represented the following :

3 x 3 square = the Father
4 x 4 square = The Mother
5 x 5 square = The Son

From this we can discover 345 and all the other combinations

345 + 543 = 888
345 +321 = 666
543 + 123 = 666

Here are some other number combinations to ponder

123 + 321 = 444
888 + 444 = 1332 = 2 X 666

The Egyptian understanding of the trinity can be summarised in this manner :

Our universe consists of Matter – The movable
Energy - - The agile
The spirit – The creative, organising, governing and sustaining.


Osiris - The man , spirit
Isis - The woman, soul
Horus -The son, visible ,tangible

The Bloxholm Painting

Hans Holbein Junior 1540

The painting situated at the East window ( Equinox Sunrise) shows the 345 triangle .

Not only that it gives the unit measure being used to decode it.

The distance between the main horizontal line going across the painting to the top of the frame is the single unit measure from which the other units work. This way of illustrating the 345 and the key that makes up the integral unit measures has been before in Egyptian illustrations


With the Bloxhom church painting holding so many clues to the larger grand design encoded in the layout of the hamlet I thought it worth measuring in the physical the picture and frame together to see if there was any further correlation with the larger hall geometry.

If so much attention to detail has been placed within the painting…surely they/it would not miss on the chance to repeat again the sacred numerical values in the composition…so lets run the numbers once again.

Placing the tape measure on the top of the frame and measuring to the base of the frame came in at 666mm………Circle centre to the hall was 666 ft.

If the picture structure was to show a 345 triangle the width of the frame would have to be 499.5 ..or 3 units which is the imperial ft measure from the circle centre of the Bloxholm estate grounds to the bent knee of the seated landscape figure.

The picture and frame is actually 495 mm…4.5 mm short of the perfect 345 triangle connecting corner to corner diagonally.

Although 4.5mm short this is due to the width of the original church window mullion / opening. To make the perfect 345 based on the maximum width available (495 mm) to the picture installer, the total height would have to have been 660 mm.

Knowing the importance of the 666 value to be highlighted I believe they let it go…and went ahead with a height of 666mm for the whole picture unit.

The 666 value is therefore the 4 unit measure of the 3,4,5 triangle encoded in both the hall grounds layout and the Manners copy of the Hans Holbein picture placed in the church.

666ft is repeated as an imperial distance measure 4 times in the 345 geometric layout of Bloxholm.

This means the 666 value is illustrated in both the 4 unit side of the 345 triangle in the landscape geometry and the picture….which in turn brings us back to a unit measure of 166.5 as 1 unit.

Later on you will see the 166.5 showing up again in another part of the village depicting a 345 triangle.

Also worth noting how the figure in red, which has the star of Isis near her foot has had her leg placed at an angle complimentary to discovering the 345 revelation within…“look, connect the corners, follow my leg”.

I found two other representations of the Hans Holbein composition and immediately noticed a change in the colours used for the Bloxholm version…….One of the characters knelt and dressed in black has been done in blue……..why?

The change of colour does accentuate the edge line, as I looked at my printed image upside down in my pile of notes I could see another image of the hall grounds in the painting. The character in the blue dress is outlining the back of the seated chair …and the curved domed ceiling in the painting could represent the layout of the southern circle in the Hall grounds the focus of the Bloxholm geometry ….. All you have to do is invert the image.

It’s interesting to see that the head of the Virgin Mary has been lowered in the Bloxholm painting to show Mary’s head on the central axis going through the circle centre.

Did Manners arrange these details so as to match the Bloxholm arrangement?….I can’t help but ponder the possibility of the Manners family being at a church service staring forward at the image and all the while knowing what it represented….and what Bloxholm is really about.

345 Cornerstone

If you’ve digested all the detail in the Bloxholm articles you are probably on overload and unable to digest much more…….surely there isn’t any more ?...Is there?

How incredible would it be to find an etched carving of the Basic seated 345 design engraved into the stonework of one of the buildings Manners was responsible for adding to the layout of the Bloxholm hamlet?

What if this stone geometric carving showed a perfect 345 triangle? And what if one of the sides of the engraving showed a metric numerical value identical to the imperial and metric unit measure being used in the main 345 triangle of the seated landscape figure and the painting ?

That unit is 166.5

With everything else about Bloxholm noted in the other TM articles can we still say we are on the ‘just coincidence’ page ?

If this supposed 345 geometric stone etching had been meticulously cut with care into the stonework for posterity surely it would be placed in a stone larger or more notable than any other nearby?.....An immovable stone…a stone that would remain as long as the building stood.

What about a major cornerstone?…A cornerstone larger than any other on the building, possibly denoting its significance....and doesn’t the cornerstone have a significant meaning within Masonic groups….Are we seeing their subtle influence again?

Incredible as it is the basic 345 layout is depicted on a main cornerstone within the village, carved deeply and with great care and accuracy into a stone larger than any other on the building….it includes a 345 triangle and has a unit measure of 166.5 mm on one side ……the long side. ….The numbers used in the imperial measure for the 666ft from the circle centre to Bloxholm Hall…Which is then replicated by the 666mm unit measure of length taken up by the picture and frame .

666 is then being used as side 4 of a 345 triangle in both the larger 345 triangle built into the design of the hall grounds….and also as side 4 of the 345 built into the Hans Holbein Jnr copy placed at the East end of Bloxholm church.

The etching in stone of the basic 345 ground geometry is also orientated in alignment with the larger 345 hamlet design…and is also situated near the main E/W equinox axis.

Heres the two images for comparison.

As for ‘ It’s just a house number’ idea ..There are a few problems.

1. It does not face the road, or the footpath where a house number would be viewed from.

2. It is excessively large.

3. Why if it was just a house number was it etched in the stone when no other house has any similar numerical detailing in the hamlet?

4. Why didn’t the owners / builders just put a number on a door, a plaque on the front wall or gate. These were workers cottages built to a budget, minimal…..no need for extravagant stone carvings, or excessive corner blocks not repeated elsewhere on the building?

5. Why is it positioned on the South wall where it is harder to discern from the road….Surely if you had taken so much time to etch this perfect design into hard stone you would want people to see it, even more so if you wanted them to know it’s a house number?

6. The design is precisely cut to show a perfect 345 triangle …with 53.13, 36.86 and 90 degree angles?

7. The image is orientated the right way to match the larger 345 layout of the seated figure …..The 345 orientated perfect East /West

8. The image is an exaggerated number 4…and for good reason…it shows us the 345 triangle in residence. ……and is also the middle value number used in the geometric formula being highlighted in the layout of the Bloxholm hamlet.

Regardless of who or what is behind the etching’s manifestation the fact it manifested speaks for itself within the greater picture and meaning of the layout of Bloxholm.

Are there any other design signatures in the architecture of the village to point us back to circle at the centre of the geometry in the Bloxholm estate grounds?

What about this.

The 4 Houses on the Row show timber detailing noting a half circle design …not unlike the seat of the chair depicted in the estate grounds, the half circle walled gardens…….detail also mirrored in the Hans Holbein Jnr composition .

The timber work has obviously been renewed over the years however there is nothing to suggest the original design was not continued after each renewal .

Before signing off on the Bloxholm mystery I decided to check the latitude coordinates for some of the major points involved on trusty Google Earth……here they are.

Point E CIRCLE CENTRE …...53.04 10.35
Point A HALL………………....53.04 16.66…….that’s 534 and 666 again
Point F HALL GARDENS……53.04 10. 53
Point B CHURCH……………..53.04 14.04

As I post this article and fill in the news tab… it asks for the date…5/4/2010….543

If I hear the word coincidence again ………I will die from laughter.




Dare you wear awearness?



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