Temple Bruer / Bloxholm

Seated Isis in the Landscape

Seated figure of Bloxholm

It has been mentioned within other articles on the Templar Mechanics web site of the uncanny association between influential people, their estates and the layout of landscape geometry surrounding Temple Bruer. I won’t repeat what has previously been written in articles such as ‘The Blankney Enigma’ …but will just mention below the current list of people and places and their relationship to the geometry of the pentacle and six pointed seal encompassing the hamlet of Temple Bruer.

Just to refresh ……….An area south of Lincoln approximately 6 miles square has the following influential people living within a web of Hexagonal and Pentagonal geometry.

Francis Dashwood..….Chancellor, Occultist, Hell fire Club creator
John Dee………….….Magi, Astrologer to Elizabeth Ist
Henry Chaplain……....Viscount, MP
George Thorold…….…Knighted 1708 , Baronet 1709 and elected Sheriff of London,
Lord Mayor of London1722.

It’s now time to add a 5th historical character of note.

Lord Robert Manners of Bloxholm.

General Lord Robert Manners (c. 1721 - 1782) was an English soldier and nobleman. He was a son of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland and his second wife, Lucy Sherard. He was promoted to General on 25 May 1772 and died May 1782.

Bloxholm Hall was built toward the end of the 17th century. It was enlarged and beautified in 1825. The manor was formerly the seat of the Thornton family. It was purchased by the Duchess of Rutland and passed from her to Lord Manners. The Anglican parish church was dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. The church dates from the Early English period. John de Bloxham, who died in 1334, was a Carmelite Friar, highly distinguished for his learning.

Bloxholm Village

Bloxholm sits comfortably within the geometry, and lies just out of the south 5.151 mile circle. The Bloxholm church being one point that the Bruer seal line travels through connecting Dorrington church with Carlton le Moorland church.

Carlton le Moorland church coincidentally makes the shoulder line of the Main pentacle connecting through the Blankney church ….which of course was the family church of the Chaplins of Blankney ….Blankney hall was built just behind the church. Bloxholm Hall just in front of the church

Pour y Parvenir.

The church at Bloxholm is very special and shows the Manners family crest, complete with Peacock in Coade stone just above the main entrance the motto 'pour y parvenir' means "to attain". The Manners family line originate from Belvoir castle in Leicestershire. General Manners bought nearby Bloxholm Hall and refurbished the church in 1812……Why the Manners family decided to take an interest in a small hamlet miles away in Lincolnshire is unknown. Although the growing links with power people and power places could shed some light on this.

Whilst researching Francis Dashwood’s ‘Lincoln club’ meetings held at the Green Man Inn ( right arm of penta), one member of this select group of individuals appears to be Robert Manners of Bloxholm.

John Manners, Marquis of Granby was actually a full member of Dashwood’s Hell fire club along with the Prince of Wales and Benjamin Franklin. The Prince of Wales also ventured up to the Green Man Inn for the hunt….Being good friends with the Chaplin’s of Blankney.

Here’s the full list of Dashwood’s Lincoln Club members:

Lord Monson of Burton . 1st Baron (cr. 1728 - d. 1748).
Lord Robert Manners of Bloxholm. Son of 2nd Duke of Rutland. M.P. Kingston-on-Hull
1747-1780). A General Officer in the Army. Buried at Bloxholme 1782; aged 64.
Lord Sherard Manners; brother of above. M.P. Tavistock 1741. d. 1741/2
Lord Charles Manners; another brother, d.1761
Lord Vere Bertie of Branston; son of 1 st Duke of Ancaster, and his 2nd wife. M.P. Boston (1741-1747). d. 1768.
Lord Tyrconnel of Belton; Sir John Brownlow. Bart. Created Baron and Viscount 1718, d. 1754.
Thomas Whichcot of Harpswell. M.P. Lincs (1741-1768). d. 1776.
John Chaplin of Blankney; son and heir of above named Squire Thomas. d. 1764.
Charles Chaplin of Blankney; probably a younger brother of John.
Robert Dashwood, brother of Samuel Dashwood of Wells.
Thomas Noel. M.P. Rutland (1727-1784)
Bent Noel; borther of above, Colonel 43 rd Regt.

Lots of coincidences here with power politics of the day, people and places.

Having lived at Bloxholm for several years I can say from personal experience there is a unique feel and atmosphere to the whole hamlet, similar to Bruer it feels like a place you know when you have entered and know when you have left .

Temple Bruer has the same effect but differs in the ‘taste’ left by the visit.

I have always felt Bruer to be connected to Bloxholm, the old registers do acknowledge Templars owning land at Bloxholm.

One approach to Bloxholm Hall would mean passing the entrance to the Bruer Preceptory situated at the SW seal point. A ‘rat run’ as such can be drawn linking Temple Bruer preceptory to Bloxholm …By travelling from the Templar preceptory down Temple Lane over the A15 and in through the main approach to the Hall from the West at Peacock lodge. How much of this route could be associated with ancient /medieval paths is hard to know.

But there’s something more ……..it feels like a Bruer / Bloxholm energy connection….One working through the geometrics of the sites as they interact. Bloxholm means ‘Island’ and that’s what it feels like to visit …..Somewhere away from everywhere else…. unique and in a bubble of its own….Bliss on Tap.

I have noticed that people and land from Temple Bruer often have associations/connections with people and land at Bloxholm. I have lived at both sites having renovated a cottage at Temple Bruer and a cottage at Bloxholm …being attracted to the energy of both sites.

When I discovered the geometry held within the layout of the area I noticed the line I had drawn connecting Carlton le Moorland to Dorrington, creating one of the Temple Bruer seal /hex lines ….actually went through the two houses I had been involved with!

Unknowingly I had been interacting with one of the lines that make up the six pointed seal, The Bruer house was actually situated next to the Eastern Bruer seal point. I could expand further on all this and bring in a bundle of other details relating to another house that turned out to be on the main Temple Bruer pentacle line connecting Harmston church through Temple Bruer church and onto Ruskington Church. There are other serendiptous feasts to be had… like the uncanny connection to completion dates on these house sales with equinoxes, solstices and pagan dates …along with the infamous January 17th ….A date central to the whole Templar mystery in southern France around Rennes le Chateau….But Ill save that for another article.

Could it be people, places and events are all linked across time?

Energy and Form - Cymatics

New research called ‘Cymatics’ ……..is now showing a correlation with Frequency / Vibration and the manifesting form. These experiments spread fine sand on a vibrating plate and investigate the effects on the sand through changing the vibration frequency of the plate resulting in the sand arranging itself into geometric forms… Squares , hexagons, circles etc

See ‘Cymatic’ section in links for more details…..Which now has you tube videos demonstrating the phenomena.

We see geometry all around us in nature through flora and natures growth patterns, shells, snowflakes, basalt columns etc…..Even bees work their honeycombes into little hex structures. Scientists are currently baffled by the Hexagon on Saturn’s pole and can’t understand why it shows a consistent Hexagonal pattern. Saturn’s Pole Hexagon is the diameter of two Earths.

Does this suggest we are not existing in a random chaotic universe?…There appears to be order…order organised into form relating to vibrational states.

Form = Vibration……..likewise ……….Vibration = Form

If there is order then there must be a controlling discipline / intelligence behind it.

Einstein believed everything in the universe was made up of vibrating energy …..Energy which was vibrating to a frequency which manifested the form. The new scientific developments with Cymatics shows that a change in frequency will change the form……or how the matter, sand, arranges itself.

If everything in the universe is vibrating energy…. that would include us, right down to our deepest levels…..from the physical to our molecular make up……..we are a vibrating mass of energy.

With form relating to energy/ vibration …Is it possible people aware of this in the past, within secret groups and societies could influence the energy of an area by manifesting on the ground an image/form already linked to an energy frequency encapsulated in an iconic figure………and if so how would this influence the area?

Bloxholm Hall

Bloxholm hall the former home of the Manners family is now mostly gone, all that remains is a privately owned servants wing and stable block which is now also used as a private home. Some of the original traditional estate buildings can still be seen ….such as the 4 cottages on the Row, a coach house and lodge situated at the entrance to the main hall approach… and a farm. There is even a fascinating hexagonal house………All now in private hands. Although the main Hall has gone the remaining layout of the grounds are still there showing geometric detailing.

Studying the Os Map I noticed what looked to be a seated figure in the landscaped grounds of Bloxholm hall that dominates the layout of the village.

Once you see it on the map you will always see it……here it is.

The image depicted by the layout of the Hall grounds has an incredible resemblance to an iconic energy / form from the past…….That image is a classic seated Egyptian type figure, which I believe is holding within the form the vibrational /spirit of the feminine principle…….Isis. Which when repackaged into the Christian Icon became the Virgin Mary.

Is it a coincidence that the Bloxholm church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary ?

Is it also a coincidence that within the landscape image Bloxholm church is situated behind the seated figures heart chakra position ?

This seated figure is facing towards Temple Bruer…Her gaze is fixed on Bruers six pointed seal. The line connecting the Carlton le Moorland church, Bloxholm church and Dorrington church actually passes through the seated figure.

If the Essence of Isis is being held within the layout of Bloxholm we should find other geometric symbols associated with her and we do ………..4 are in the church …the 8 pointed star of Isis.

One can be found hidden in the design of the floor of the Bell Tower, perfectly centralized , the other 3 can be found under the carpet running along the Aisle.

Two more are hidden in the floor design of the coloured picture window situated at the East end of the church, which shows the familiar mother and child image associated with underlying goddess worship or honouring of the sacred feminine.

I measured the distance between the Isis stars in the picture ………111mm

Here is another example merging the geometry with iconography, this is from the Monastery of San Salvador.

In Egypt Isis was often depicted holding baby Horus in exactly the same pose common to the Christian iconography displayed here as the Virgin Mary.

The Babylonians showed Astarte holding baby Tammuz in the same pose

Christianity and its Icons are the product of a repackaged belief system. Revamped icons can be seen throughout history once you rub your eyes and look again ….. manifesting with the same iconography yet holding the power /energy frequency within.

Here is a list of icons spanning millennia that all originate from the same stable and carry the same meaning ,essence or frequency……..Incredible that all the religions of the world have been worshipping the same root icons for all these years yet still want to blow each other up for doing so.

BAAL – Father God ( Masculine)

Symbol-4-pointed star or obelisk (phallus)

Abir, Adon, Ares, Bel, Baal, Bal, Belus, Boaz, Buddh, Cernunnos, Horus, Jupiter, Knous, Kronus, Marduk, Mars, Moloch, Nebrod, Nimrod, Odin, Pan, Titan, Wodan, Zeus.

Baal pronounced as ‘BEL’…….hence the Pagan Catholic churches all have a ‘Bell ‘tower……which is also the phallus aspect of the building.

Remember the Manners of Bloxholm family line originate from BEL voir castle……Templar sites usually have a Bel reference either in the name of the site itself or a signature in the surrounding landscape. Near Grantham is another Templar site soon to be investigated by Templar Mechanics called Temple BEL wood.

ASTARTE – Goddess (Feminine)
SYMBOL - Crescent Moon,Uterus or 8-pointed star.

Here is a list of icons spanning millennia that all originate from the same stable and carry the same meaning ,essence or frequency

Alilah, Allah, Ariadne, Astartet, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Diana, Freya, Goddess, Gaia, Gaya, Il, Isis, Ishtar, Jachin, Queen of Heaven(s), Lady Liberty, Laksjmi, (Eternal) Virgin, Moongoddess, Rhea, Sin, Venus, Virgin Mary.

The correct position for the Star of Isis is rotated at 22 degrees. The eight-pointed Star Of Isis represents creation and the eternal flow of the cosmic cycles. The 8 pointed star is another geometric pattern associated with Templar symbolism. The 8 pointed star is also said to mark the 8 major pagan festival dates in the solar year.

The star of Isis is illustrated and remarked upon in David Wood’s excellent book –

Genisis – ISBN 0859361802

TAMMUZ – Child God /Sun God
Symbol – Solar wheel / Eye in pyramid

Here is a list of icons spanning millennia that all originate from the same stable and carry the same meaning ,essence or frequency

Ahura Mazda, Apollo, Bacchus, Cernunnos, Cupido, Dagon, Dyonisses, Hercules, Horus, Kissos, Ninus (=Son), Helios, Hercules, Jupiter, Osiris, Pan, Shamash, Shiva, White Centaur, Son of Aethiops, Jesus

As we know Francis Dashwood ( Green Man Inn) reveled in Bachuss /Dyonisses philosophy.

To balance ‘The Bloxholm lady’ we would expect to find an Osiris somewhere locally… If the spirit of the Isis (feminine) is at Bloxholm, where is Osiris (masculine)?

Osiris is often depicted on Egyptian Papyrus as having a Green skin, he was the original Green Man and is also associated with fertility, also like the Pagan Green man. The Osiris legend / myth is telling us he was dismembered by the evil ‘Set’ and the parts thrown into a river , which were recovered by ‘Isis’ and reassembled minus the Phallus.

Isis was said to have found 14 of the parts but was missing the 15th.

None of these stories were ever meant to be taken literally but understood on a metaphysical level, the numbers showing the way…….Notice the 1 and the 5 again in the story….the male member is the focus , the 15th part…our attention is being pointed in the direction of the 1 and the 5. This legend /myth is also the familiar death and rebirth /resurrection tale so prevalent in other religions.

Why do all the religions show common themes, myths and legends…could they all originate from a common source ?

Green Man day is May 1st. ……..1/5 or 5/1 and became BELtane in the revamped Christian religion. We all dance around the May pole based on a dance around the male member…In effect celebrating the seeding time of the year , the Spring , its about new life, rejuvenation….. It seems all the old pagan dates along with the icons had a new refit or makeover for upload into the new Catholic church program whose main purpose was and still is to control the masses through fear:

Be good go to nice place , be bad go to bad place ..…Once upon a time the church allowed you to be bad if you wanted, just pay the church in cash for your sins up front ( indulgences), and you still got to go to the nice place . What a racket ! Moral standing had little to do with it, if you had the cash you could be as nasty and crooked as you liked and still could buy tickets out of Hell and tickets into Heaven.

It’s interesting to visualize a modern day scenario of such blatant hypocrisy .

‘ I intend to sin on Monday at 3.30 pm and Friday at 10.10pm………how much is that then Vicar?........Is it cheaper to pay before Vat goes back up?…Is the church Vat registered?.....Do you take Visa ? ….Do you have any special offers on sins I’m planning to commit in the morning this coming week, what about weekend rates ? ;-)

The Catholic church is one of the wealthiest institutions on the planet with huge gold reserves and major investments in completely immoral companies including weapon manufacturers…. Whilst billions starve and lack basic needs like clean water, sanitation and shelter….The Pope is checking the stock prices.

Is this holy doctrine or is it the work of a corrupt cabal called the Catholic Church who is out to milk us for all that we have.

Christmas day, like it or not is a pagan festival marking the time of the winter solstice and as such is related to Sun worship. It’s not a coincidence that December 25th marks the turnaround point of the setting suns journey across the Horizon…3 days after the solstice. One of the 5 lanes converging at Temple Bruer church mark summer solstice sunrise and winter solstice sunset alignments.

In effect nothing has changed …..Our holidays and celebrations are still based around pagan days.

Incredible isn’t it ? The church slaughtered pagans for being pagans yet their Christian calendar is based on pagan dates with revamped pagan icons , the churches built on pagan sites.

Black is White….. and White is Black….. If the Vicar tells you it is.

........More tea Vicar ? ;-)

Back to Bloxholm.

So , we have the spirit of Isis / Virgin Mary / Astarte anchored in at Bloxholm, We have General Manners of Bloxholm becoming a member of Francis Dashwood’s Lincoln Club which was an off shoot of the Hell fire club that included as its members the Prince of Wales and Benjamin Franklin, and Robert Manners , The Marquis of Granby .

Francis Dashwood’s Lincoln group would meet at the Green Man Inn ( Osiris) which is also the approach to Chaplin’s residence at Blankney hall, which is also the right arm of the pentacle . Green Man is associated with Osiris and fertility and celebrating the phallic,male, seeding influence . Francis Dashwoods meetings were known for the many wild parties had, with many ladies coming and going.

Was Francis Dashwood celebrating the Green Man’s energy as a balancing point to Bloxholm’s , Isis …feminine energy?

It’s interesting to see Dashwood erecting a huge phallic structure just up from the Green Man wood called Dunston Pillar, it is said to be an inland lighthouse…..I think although used as such it was also a convenient landscape expression of the male energy grounding in that area and the Green Mans missing member ….Osiris’s 15th member ….celebrated on Green Man day 1 / 5…. BAAL / BELtane…..May 1st

Dashwoods inland light house creation , Dunston Pillar, also looks to be positioned by design, within the overall geometrics being situated on the squaring of the 5.151 mile circle and also in alignment with the SW pentacle leg point which aligns through the penta shoulder crossing and onto the inland lighthouse.

With numerical values working through and beyond time with regard to an areas underlying energy, should we really be surprised that the main road next to the Green Man Inn manifested as the A15 !...and is it a coincidence that the nearest the A15 ever gets to the southern 5.151 circle is where the Green Man Inn is located….denoting the right arm of Bruers 5.151 penta .

There are no coincidences only the illusion of them being so….Working beyond and through time.

For anyone doubting the power of such earthly manifestations such as Dashwoods Dunston Pillar/obelisk creation, they should ponder the positioning of the obelisk known as the ‘Washington Monument’ within the pentagonal geometry of Washington…see how the obelisk is positioned within the merging area of two interlocked circles.

The Obelisk positioned within the circle at the Vatican…and central to an 8 pointed star !

These manifestations are not for fun or random architectural anomalies. It’s Grand design by design.

Where you find energy you will find power…..Where you find power you will find influence .

Cest la vie!



Dare you wear awearness?



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