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The Blankney Enigma

No other area in the Temple Bruer grid interacts with so many different aspects of the geometry than Blankney .

This probably woudn’t be very significant to most people, until you look at how the Blankney Winter solstice alignment features in the geometric layout of the Bruer six pointed seal…..and how the Solstice , December 22nd date manifested in the life of Henry Chaplin, the owner of Blankney Hall.

Temple Bruer seal

Originally the Temple Bruer 6 pointed seal /star was the first clearly discernible esoteric figure in the geometric layout to reveal itself, after the initial discovery of the 18 local churches that align through 5 lane ends/ Temple Bruer church. .

18 Churches in alignment.

To start with Blankney is featured in the original pentacle discovery, the church playing its part in creating the shoulder line through to Carlton le Moorland church.

Established Bruer Penta dynamics

During the 1800’s Blankney Hall had in residence Henry Chaplin who was behind the position and construction of Temple Bruer church.

As can be noted on the graphic below the alignment created by Blankney – Temple Bruer Church – Cocked hat marks the Summer Solstice sunrise alignment back to Blankney when viewed from Temple Bruer church , it also marks the Winter Solstice sunset position once again if viewed from Temple Bruer church . When this Solstice line is drawn onto the map it can be seen to go through the centre of the six pointed seal /star….and by doing so divide it perfectly in half, passing through Temple Bruer church at the mid /central point. .

On visiting the Blankney church I had a quick look at Henry Chaplin’s burial position at the East end of the church. It’s interesting to note his date of birth carved on the left hand side…that being December 22nd 1840.....Winter solstice !

Chaplin’s Tomb at Blankney church

It’s also worth noting that both Francis Dashwood ( Nocton Hall) and Henry Chaplin (Blankney Hall) had main approaches to their respected residences leading directly off the main road (now called the A15)

Dashwood and Chaplin – Nocton / Blankney Hall approaches


Dotted line shows the main approach, Chaplin’s route goes the length of Green Man wood.

Dashwood’s approach started at his inland lighthouse creation called Dunston Pillar and went all the way through to Nocton Hall. Worth noting that if we draw a square around the Bruer 5.15 circle Dashwood’s Inland lighthouse sits on the square line.


Incidentally I noticed that if a line is drawn from Dunston Pillar to the bottom SW penta leg it goes through the shoulder point of the main pentacle ……If this point is connected to the cocked hat it makes a pythagorean 3,4,5 triangle back to Blankney Hall !...Grand design indeed.


Chaplin’s main approach to his residence started at Green Man wood and went all the way through to Blankney Hall. Interestingly this is as near as the A15 ever gets to the south 5.15 circle…its also where Francis Dashwood decided to have his Lincoln Club meetings, held at the Green Man Inn. The land at the Green Man Inn dips in from all four directions creating what appears to be a low point, sink or plug hole in the land…..this I believe is part of the land dynamics interacting or affected by the geometric dynamics…….its a common observation .


The Green Man Inn was later owned by Henry Chaplin. Incidentally once again I noticed that if you connect the Green Man Wood penta arm point to Blankney Hall (Chaplin) and then up to Nocton Hall ( Dashwood) you get another 3,4,5 triangle !


Also worth noting the two main penta lines that cross at the start of Green Man wood, and the entrance point to Chaplin’s private drive also go to Nocton Hall, Dashwood …….and Blankney Hall, Chaplin.


The main Penta line that goes to Nocton also runs parallel to the Summer sunrise/Winter sunset Solstice line that runs from Blankney through Temple Bruer church (Chaplin) and on to the Cocked Hat.

Cocked Hat is situated at the crossing of Ermine Street and Temple road that leads East up to the Templar preceptory. When Temple road joins with the track within the ‘seal ball’ that leads back to Temple Bruer church it makes a GP 51.5 degree angle.

Temple Bruer church is a Victorian church built by ….Henry Chaplin. .


Blankney Estates has always had a strong connection to Temple Bruer and the surrounding area, just as it still does today much of the land surrounding Bruer belonging to Blankney Estates. One of the main Blankney estates offices is situated at Temple High grange, an old satellite station of the Templars that ran alongside the more important Temple Bruer site. .

The more you look into connections between Blankney and Bruer, past and present, the more surreal it becomes.

The Griffin connection.

The Chaplins of Blankney used a griffin as an icon for the family coat of arms. The Griffin’s head can be seen on the west tower of the Blankney church. .




At the East end of the Bruer church there are three graves, the occupants all being called Griffin. .



When looking at the geometric layout of the Bruer hamlet it can be seen to be spread out into 5 main areas the few houses in the hamlet being positioned around 5 points….these coincidentally are 5 points of the 6 points of the 6 pointed star. At one of these points is a farm called Griffin Farm . Next to that are two stone cottages called Griffin cottages and behind that a wood called Griffin’s covert.


Worth noting Francis Dashwood’s coat of arms displays 3 Griffins

So the griffin has now cropped up 4 times: .

1. On Henry Chaplin’s coat of arms and on the family church at Blankney.

2. On three graves marked at the East end of the Bruer church.

3. At one of the star / seal points denoting the layout of the Bruer hamlet….the point being Griffins Farm which is next to Griffin cottages near the wood called Griffins covert.

4. Dashwood’s coat of arms

There is a 5th connection to the Griffin and Temple Bruer .

While renovating the cottage at Temple Bruer ( Thompsons Bottom, seal point) a window company called ‘Cliff Side’ windows came to give me a quote. The gentleman told me he used to live at Temple Bruer, at Warren Houses (seal point) and went to school at the Temple Bruer church ( Vortex / Central seal point) situated at 5 lane ends. …more synchronicity

The school was attached to the church, and still is, although no longer in use as a school it now serves as a village hall but still has many of the original school features. The gentleman from the window company told me he could remember the school mistress being called Mrs Griffin, and that if anyone was naughty the children were made to scrub the Griffin graves at the East end of the church. As it turned out the ‘Cliff Side Windows’ company turned out to be located exactly on the main penta line going up through Green Man wood to the Augustinian priory near Nocton, the same line that Francis Dashwood interacted with near Nocton Hall.

So, the window representative was not only working on a main penta line, he went to school at the main vortex point of Temple Bruer church, which has 18 local churches aligning through it, and had lived on a seal point…Warren Houses. It s also fair to say its pretty remarkable that a window company I rang by chance had all these connections with my study……… a window rep being involved with 3 points of the seal, and his place of work being on a main pentacle line.

Before the Chaplins owned Blankney Hall it had been owned by the Thorold family. The Thorolds also owned Harmston Hall .

One of the workmen unfortunately was killed on 9th day of the 9th month during the construction of Dunston Pillar, after falling from the top and is buried at Harmston church.

Harmston Church is the top point of the Bruer Penta.

Henry Chaplin of Blankney was an MP and Thorold of Harmston Lord Mayor of London. From this I think it would be fair to conclude that the Chaplin and Thorold families, possibly spanning several generations, along with Francis Dashwood (Chancellor / MP )were aware of the esoteric energy/ley dynamics of the area.

The fact that another mystic called John Dee (Astrologer Elizabeth I ) also decides to become rector of Leadenham church, which is on the main penta line linking back to Harmston would back this theory up .

There are just too many influential characters involved at important points within the geometrics to think otherwise .

Power and knowledge of landscape dynamics seem to go together

Mysterious Griffin.

With the Griffin being an icon manifesting in name throughout the Temple Bruer puzzle I decided to run it past wikipedia .

Below are a few tasters from the Wiki article…….cut and paste link for the full article.



‘The griffin (griffon or gryphon (see below)) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle was the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Griffins are normally known for guarding treasure.[1] In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.[2]’

Further down under medieval lore:

“Being a union of a terrestrial beast and an aerial bird, it was seen in Christianity to be a symbol of Jesus, who was both human and divine. As such it can be found sculpted on churches.

‘According to Stephen Friar, a griffin's claw was believed to have medicinal properties and one of its feathers could restore sight to the blind.[1] Goblets fashioned from griffin claws (actually antelope horns) and griffin eggs (actually ostrich eggs) were highly prized in medieval European courts.[5]’

‘Scholar Adrienne Mayor argues that the griffin was inspired by Protoceratops fossils in Central Asia.[3] Mayor noted that, like griffins, Protoceratops had beaked faces, protected eggs in nests, and were associated with gold due to their fossils often being located in or near gold-bearing ores.’

Further down in literature :

‘In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, Beatrice meets Dante in Earthly Paradise after his journey through Hell and Purgatory with Virgil have concluded. Beatrice takes off into the Heavens to begin Dante's journey through paradise on a flying Griffin that moves as fast as lightning. The griffin itself represents the dual nature of Christ's humanity and divinity due to the fact that the being is a mystical hybrid in mythology.’

Comment by TM –If Jesus was another icon for the familiar death and rebirth / ressurection story…just as the Bran, Green Man, Nimrod and Osiris myths were……It’s possible then that the numerous Griffin references in the Bruer story is another pointer to the Green Man.

Nice to see Dante turning up…..In Dantes ‘Inferno’ an angel appears known as ‘Messenger 515’…….Interesting the similarities between the word angle and angel…….Maybe the 51.5 degree angle is the message ?



Dare you wear awearness?



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