Llangollen Seal / Kings Chamber

Langollen Pyramid overlay.

This may be hard for many to grasp, ……….What has the great pyramid got to do with Llangollen ?

Nothing as such is my reply.

If we take our minds away from association in the physical related to areas miles apart and instead look at the dynamics within the form then it has everything to do with the Great Pyramid.

I recently received an e mail from a very aware researcher called Gary Val Tenuta who is involved in numerology. He made an interesting comment which I have pasted below :

“The Great Pyramid of Giza lives up to its name well. The word Pyramid does not define a three-dimensional triangle, nor is its root even Egyptian. The word pyramid is composed of the Greek word "pyra" meaning fire, light, or visible and the Greek word "midos" meaning measures. So, although we have just started to understand the measurements and messages contained within this structure, the Great Pyramid of Giza has been called "the center of measurement and enlightment (knowledge)" for centuries. (www.europa.com/~edge/giza.html)”

Gary has an excellent web site called www.secretofnine.com , a direct link can be found on links page under ……’Numerology and Gematria ’

Whoever built the Great Pyramid was aware of how geometry and mathematics work within the enclosed shape created by the 51.51 angle in line with the Grand Architects design.

It should be no surprise to see grid features mirroring the GP arrangement of cavities within the form.

So this article isn’t trying to imply the Egyptians were in Wales or the Celts were at Giza….One look at the points involved in the six pointed seal it can be clearly seen the landscape points define the image……..Egyptians did not build the landscape , scoop up the land to create mountain peaks.

So what did ? ……………. Is there an intelligence in the unseen, organizing to a mathematical blue print………or is it all just random coincidence

That’s for you to decide.

All I am placing here is a curious arrangements within the Llangollen grid that correlates well with a group of features found in a geometric shape half way round the world.

Any regular visitor to Mechanics should now be well aware that the current temporary truth at TM is that everything is connected, with that in mind enjoy the possibilities hidden in the image below.

Points of note.

The Langollen seal is placed 1/3 the way up the main axis of the 51.51 pyramid…..Same as the Kings chamber, the Queens chamber falls at the Geraint hill position.

The ascending passage is represented by one of the major pentacle lines, as is the Grand gallery line.

The church at the crossing of two main pentacle lines is situated at the Golden section point of the main pentacle shoulder line that also doubles as one of the Seal lines connecting Moel Mrfydd Mountain and Wern Tower……..when I continued this Golden section line, which I have marked in yellow, it hit exactly at the point where the circle hits the pyramid line.

If the system wasn’t there ……….these things wouldn’t happen, once again the grid is confirmed through correlation as it gradually reveals itself through the researcher.



Dare you wear awearness?



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