The Norway connection - Trondjell Holy mountain

After finishing the Langollen system I extended the main axis to see if there were alignments with any other significant sites or established grids.

Extending the Llangollen main penta axis through Google earth saw the NE axis line go directly to Alvdal /Trondjell Holy Mountain in Norway.

This is the area where the recently discovered Burren system in Ireland feeds into.

Two grids going to the same point would have raised my curiosity.

To know that both the Royston 5.15 grid main penta axis and the main penta axis of the Glastonbury /Temple cloud 5.15 grid…also align with Trondjell Holy Mountain / Alvdal…………Is too serendipitous for Earthly words.

That’s a total to date of four systems going to the same point in Norway. More detailed explanations of these grids can be viewed in the relevant sections of Templar Mechanics off the Knights Templar tab and vaults tab.

At Alvdal lives another author called Harald Bohelke who has written a book about a pentagram discovered in the Landscape in Norway. The book is called the Viking Serpent….and comes highly recommended for anyone interested in exploring other peoples work on landscape geometry and in particular extended pentagrams. Details below.

The Viking Serpent, Harald Boehlke.

ISBN 141209755 Trafford Publishing.

There are similarities with all the grids that are becoming associated with Trondjell holy mountain / Alvdal in Norway.

Royston grid has two interlocked pentacles, and also Gog and Magog references. Gog and Magog are also associated with points in the area surrounding Llangollen.

The Burren system uses the Mountain peaks as centres…like the Llangollen system. Glastonbury has two interlocked pentacles but with short arms East and West……..this is similar to the Rennes le Chateau system.

Below you can find all the Systems currently discovered linking into Norway. I thought it interesting to find this link to Norway from details relating to the Grail story and Mordred.

“Sir MORDRED - (also Modred); the nephew of King Arthur, the son of Lot, king of Norway and Arthur’s sister (other sources claim he was the fruit of a brief liason between Arthur and his half-sister). He disclosed the secret affair between Lancelot and the Queen to Arthur, and when the latter pursued Lancelot Mordred traitorously seized the kingdom and Guinevere. Eventually, he was killed by Arthur in the final battle.”

Full article can be read here:


While working on the Burren system I was informed the Monks from Ireland traveled to Norway….and left from the port of Doolin, where a castle marks the top of the main pentacle.

Please find below the ‘Norway Grids’.




Glastonbury / Temple Cloud



Dare you wear awearness?



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