New images uploaded in the Royston Cave section showing all the cave carvings through 360 degrees….23 images in total. St Catherine is there with her wheel along with Masonic, pagan, druid and Knights Templar imagery. Many believe the Cave was created by the Knights Templar and then sealed up using a Mill stone until its rediscovery by workmen in 1700’s.

Royston Cave is a fascinating find and well worth a trip to Cambridgeshire in England to see. I have refrained from posting any historical detail in the articles or the general consensus view as to what it was used for or why it was situated there. An internet search on Royston Cave should give you some idea of others thoughts and opinions on this enigma. The carvings in the cave are open to personal interpretation....let your own mind fly.

6 miscellaneous images of Royston Cave show the penta based geometry and various carvings showing concentric circles with angular lines passing through them. Another photograph shows the stone that marks the meeting of the two ancient roads of Ermine Street and the Icknield way in the centre of Royston, and is positioned next to the cave.

I photographed also the public information board from inside the cave describing the internal layout and is quite informative suggesting the geometry within the Star of David was utilized.

Templar Mechanics interest lies in the Cave’s connections to the Templars, and its position within the Royston geometry discovered in the surrounding landscape and in particular its relation to the other main Templar influenced areas locally - Wilbraham preceptory, right arm of the penta and Denny Abbey, main axis.

The Denny Abbey section has 8 new images uploaded. Denny sits on the same axis as Royston Cave and both sites mirror the position of the other within the overall geometric pattern, being spaced the same distance from the crossing point of central axis.

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