Templar Mechanics has recently been approached by Sky television and the possible appearance on a program airing alternative views and perspectives on popular subjects. Another media group called ' Classic Media' has also been in touch and sent some interesting information regarding the Templars on the Isle of Wight…see e mail below

' Classic Media' is currently involved in the production of a series of Templar dvds. Link to site for more information below.

Hi there,

You were requesting any information regarding Templar activity on the Isle of Wight. They held a manor there by the name of Uggeton (also known later as Oketon) in the Brighstone area. They came under the Preceptory of North Baddesley near Romsey.

Both the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man are of particular interest to us, our documentary series, 'The Quest, is investigating Templar activity in these two places in our next volume (Vol IV) see

We find your site of particular interest and I must say it has helped us in some of our research.


Robert Garofalo

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Posted on 16/08/2008, by TM



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