Interesting link has been forwarded to Templar Mechanics regarding the personal experiences and research of Dan Green from the Lincoln DaVinci Code web site .

The author shares with us below his interesting discoveries within Lincoln Cathedral and the the Templecombe Painting.

The secret of the Templars head and the puzzling Templecombe panel painting, revealed by Dan Green at;


Here’s another article on the Templecombe painting which also mentions landscape geometry in the area…which has become known as the Somerset parallelogram. Templar mechanics has yet to research 5.15 systems in the Templecombe area but its on the agenda.The article also mentions 4 Templar idols that were said to be worshipped by the Templars at 4 major preceptory sites…These were.

Temple Bar
Temple Newsam

This was revealed under torture by Templar John de Dorrington…..this could well be John of Dorrington.

Dorrington is a village 3 miles from Temple Bruer and part of the old Templar Estate.

The Templecombe Head-

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