A successful trip to Rennes le Chateau to research a unique 5.15 based system has revealed many new angles to the mystery . One being the 5.15 radius measure discovered between RLC and Blanchefort. All the major points on the axis line were dowsed with the same result a still pendulum, which increased in spin speed considerably before and after the approach to the centre axis/line running through the 5.15 complex. RLC sits in a unique position, although Rennes les bains seemed more intrigueing to those that visited it. Incidentally we were moved at short notice by our pre booked hotel agent to another hotel …due to a mishap with reservations, which happened to be near the centre of the whole system and the right armpit of the pentacle encompassing Rennes les Bains…..more coincidence.

Posted on 16/06/2007, by TM



Dare you wear awearness?

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