More ley/landscape geometry has now been discovered in Lincolnshire. Two of the new sites are also connected to the Knights Templar…one at Maltby, North East of the Bruer complex and also Willoughton…North of Bruer. The diagrams for these Templar related sites I have placed under the 'Knights Templar' tab .

Both these sites link in with the Bruer geometry in a major way….more will be mentioned once the articles have been prepared to go with the images.

The other systems named Hagworthingham and Tetford are very near to each other and interact with the Templar systems…and also have a history of very early settlements. Its all very odd…but looks functional when seen as a whole with numerous axis, centres and tangents having a relationship to the other ' templar ' systems.

I cannot offer a complete explanation to whats going on here…Im still asking questions myself….but some things are becoming clearer like the fact the same controlling measure /radius is used at all the sites, which comes out as 5.15 miles. This mystified me, until a knowledgeable researcher in Scotland informed me the system is working to the sacred measure discovered by Alexander Thom and noted at European sites - The megalithic yard!

The circles created at Bruer,Maltby,Tetford,Hagworthingham,Willoughton and Faldingworth are all 10, 000 Megalithic yards in diameter…which is amazing in itself….now look at the placement of the churches, villages and even the road systems and with an open mind ask yourself if this looks to be all a coincidence?….or is it possible that an unseen intelligence is behind our 3d reality/creation…?

Maybe it's working beyond/throughout time….moulding the landscape,the placement of religious centres and even the road systems to a mathematical ground or grid plan.

Posted on 27/03/2007, by TM



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