Jackie Queally from Templar Trails is travelling down to present a talk on the Knights Templar and their involvement in earth energies…full details below. The talk is to be held near the centre of the Pentagram at:



7pm ---10 pm

….Tickets will be available on the night £7 or by pre -booking £6
Please e mail or
Tel.0788 7902829 to reserve a ticket….only 300 available.

Ley Lines and Knights Templar

Jackie Queally from Celtic Trails/ Templar Trails, Roslin in Scotland presents an introduction to ley lines and an ancient knowledge system (the Reshel) used by an inner core of the Knights Templar,how and why they deployed sacred geometry and ley lines in cathedrals, earth grids and their inner work.

This talk is of a spiritual nature but is anecdotal and makes connections between the energies at Rosslyn and in the Lincoln area. Jackie is an author/ dowser. She has run a small tour company since 1999 that focuses on sacred ancient sites in Scotland.


Title: Ley lines, earth grids and their relevance to the Templars and Now.

Jackie Queally owns a small company running specialist tours to historic and sacred sites in Scotland. Her tours are in a new genre of tourism that offers an experiential and interactive tour rather than mere sightseeing. Since 1999 she has been taking people from all over the world to Rosslyn Chapel, and is the longest standing guide to do so. She has taken advisers for Dan Brown and Ron Howard incognito on tours as well as many scientists and mystics.

Tony from Templar Mechanics contacted Jackie to discuss his local geometrical findings based on Temple Bruer. Over the years she has learnt a great deal about the ley lines in not only that region but all over the western hemisphere. She believes that the Knights Templar were working with giant geometric grids lain over the earth, in order to enhance their mission. She discovered that there are people in current times who also work as grid technicians, and she has studied with William Buehler in southern Colorado who is regarded as the expert in the study of ancient grids known as the Reshel. These grids were incorporated into many of the Gothic cathedrals, early Masonic paintings and special grounds, and known to an inner core of Templars and some centuries later early Masons. Earlier still, it appears that explorers from various traditions used the grids also. Jackie has just completed two books about Rosslyn Chapel, one of them an in depth guide to the carvings in relation to the geometry, and another on the ley lines of the building and its hinterland.

In the talk Jackie will start with basics such as defining a ley line and how to sense it and then expand into historical and geographical examples of the leys within the Reshel system and their relevance to our times, as they are expanding and developing more intricate matrices still. There is even newly discovered synchronicities between Lincoln ley line grid and the Rosslyn earth grid! Diagrams, maps and photos will be shown also. If you are looking for something thought – provoking and of a spiritual nature, this talk is guaranteed to awaken you! Books, booklets and audio files on the subjects are for sale on the evening should you wish to look at it further.

-- Jackie Queally
tel: 0131 448 2869
Templar Trails
22E Station Road
EH25 9LR

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