Interesting developments at Templar Mechanics. A recent healthy communication with Jackie Queally, from Templar Trails based near Rosslyn ( see links), has led to many new and very knowledgeable contacts/people coming to aid Templar Mechanics quest of understanding landscape geometry, and the Knights Templar's involvement with the enigma. These authorative figures on ley mechanics can only help increase our understanding of possibly what they are for, and the Templars involvement, leading ultimately to a better understanding or a revelation as to the intelligence behind the enigma that is ley and landscape geometry.
Which was the reason Templar Mechanics was created.

New insights and new avenues to explore..this in turn has led to the discovery of two further sites in Lincolnshire connected to the Temple Bruer geometry, suggesting the geometric system is much bigger and involves other areas within the Lincolnshire landscape.. . Maps are being prepared and will be loaded onto the site in the next week. A major energy line running from the standing stones of Callanish in the Outer Hebrides to Kings Lynn put forward by William Buehler, also ties in the new geometry…….everything is coming together at the right time..for a new revelation !....

Posted on 03/03/2007, by TM



Dare you wear awearness?

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