Film section now up and running under ‘A Personal Invitation’ the Knights Templar Tab.

This section covers inspiring and educational films made by private individuals not tied to the consumer based psychopathic media monopolies.

As always discern to suit what your current stage of evolution will allow you to accept or digest, all the information in these films as well as TM should appear to you as ‘second hand’, in that it comes to you from someone else...your own feeling as to what is right for you is that above all else.

External knowledge can inspire and confirm an individual’s own intuitive understanding / feeling as to ‘what is’.

I can see things I don’t agree with in some of them ...but also much that I do.

Get centred and listen within to the message of what transpires from these thoughts of other free and liberated thinkers as to what might be ....they are all heroes who deserve a pat on the back for having the guts to put new thoughts and ideas out there for all of us to ponder and enjoy.......more for the pot as they say and what a tasty cauldron it is !

I will add more to the list as I go along ......Enjoy



Posted on 21/01/2013, by TM



Dare you wear awearness?

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